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Root - first of all, isn't Meredith just amazing? I truly love her. Secondly, I cannot imagine being in your shoes. I would have to say that if I was forced to take narcotics (I mean the kind that can be abused), there would be no way I could stay strong every single day and take exactly as prescribed. I think you need to talk to your doc and at the very minimum - do what Chef does. Go in every week and pick up your prescription... This way you won't over do it because you will only have one week's worth. If that's too little... then go in on a Monday and a Thur. You can make this work. I've got to know why your doctor has not discussed methadone since it's almost an automatic that it will be prescribed for addicts with chronic pain? It just doesn't make any sense. Now methadone can still be abused (it's what Chef takes) but for whatever reason, I think it's easier... but now that I think about it - I don't know why?? Anyway - the doc is going to have to have some kind of control over your meds or there is no doubt in my mind that you WILL abuse them. That's what an addict is - they cannot control pills... no matter what. Therefore, they stay away from them and attend meetings with CLEAN friends... Just like what Meredith is saying. I would go immediately do my doc and talk to him about your concern. Can you tell us if you guys have discussed using methadone? My brother in law takes it and is doing wonderfully on it. I know Chef is doing great. The thing is - you are going to have to hit those meetings as well... and I mean frequently. I swear, during the times we've talked I truly do feel like we are friends and my heart goes out to you so much during this and your history will all of this mess. Please write us back and let us know how you are doing... And by the way - how is your dog? Do you love him anymore now than you did before? Did I mention that I don't have the love for my cat that I should? She's mean... lol