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Hey Yinksy, I totally agree and that's why I'm thinking when I go in on Tuesday the Dr is going to HAVE to put me on a schedule or else at that point, what will I be w/ding from and how will I know when I need to take it. The Dr had explained to me on Monday since everyone's body is different and the Dr themselves can't predict how bad the w/d's are going to be so they have to rely on the patient to take it as soon as they start feeling the w/d's. Which let me add, you feel IMMEDIATE relief once the tablet has dissolved. I have not had to take more than three 2mg tablets a day and I remember him saying I may have to take anywhere from 5-7 a day. Where as some may have to take the 8mg tablets or even two of the 2mg tablets at once. Maybe that's why the Dr has me going back in on Tuesday so he can get me on a set schedule.
I went back and read the thread I had started "question for Sub users" and saw where StacyVictor had posted. She was saying she's been on it for about a year now and only has to take one 2mg Sub in the morning. Maybe I will be so lucky and only have to take one a day.
I do have a favor to ask you Yinksy, and if you don't feel like it's your place to do this, I promise not to get offended, but since you have brought up so MANY good quesions, do you think you would make a list of questions you think I should ask the Dr so that way I can add it to the list I already have. That would be so helpful. And I promise to write down all of his answers and share them with everyone. I just want to make sure I have a clear understanding of the Sub when I leave his office.

I truly appreciate all of your advice and encouragement. Oh and please don't ever think your opinions offend me.


Hello Sammi

I am just putting this up on a new thread............

Sammi - you now have a good idea of what you want to ask your doctor tomorrow?

All the people on sub have given you their perspectives and you now know of all the worries and concerns, along with all the benefits?

Go thro the threads again and jot anything down you want to check out with him? Cos you always become tongue tied and forget what you want to ask once you are actually in front of him?! (Well - I do!)

Now that you have had a week to think it all thro.......... you will now know if you want to be on sub or not? So make sure you check out with him the possibility of being able to taper off really soon - if that is what you wish to do. If you have decided that it has thrown you a life-line, you may want to re-think and stay on for much longer - like Banker and StacieVictor?

Make sure you check out the dosage - how much and how often? There seems to be a huge range of opinions in here from those who take it very regularly every day to those who take it sporadically. It would appear that the regular users do best - but who knows - there just doesnt seem to be enough information to decide? Make sure he answers you to your satisfaction.

If it were me I would certainly want to know about withdrawals and his proposals for withdrawal. Whether sooner or later? It really does sound from peoples experiences in here that withdrawal is quite difficult? Michelle has had dreadful problems trying to come off. I think she has told you? But perhaps it lies with the methods of withdrawal? Maybe it has to be a very slow withdrawal over some months to allow withdrawal without heavy side effects?
Just ask him absolutely everything that you need/want to know..................... and make sure you get satisfactory answers.
Maybe Chef would have some advice to offer - he was put on bupenorphine (sub) some years ago....... but I know he is now on maintenance methadone?
Good luck tomorrow............... hope it all goes well.......... look forward to hearing all your news.
I'm SO glad you told us this. This sounds like really great news. I have to tell you, I feel about 50% better about the break up today. I went and saw my counselor and didn't even cry --- this is extremely unusual. I started telling her how I could go on and on about how bad things have happened to me and I always seem to get slapped in the face over and over again (you know my whole life story - pretty sucks including marriages, custody battles, I could go on and on) but then I told her that I have so much more in my life right now than I ever thought I would have.

I have 3 wonderful children who are healthy and just amazing, I have a great job that pays really well and I didn't even go to college, I have a really nice place to live and close, loving friends. So, in reality, God has blessed me tremendously so I'm not going to feel sorry for myself. She literally said "WHO ARE YOU?". Because of the decisions I've made and the things I'm doing to make my life even better and my childrens' lives... she told me that whatever is in Suboxone has just done wonders for my 'brain chemistry' and even though I'm still me, I'm a responsible, not so crazy, not so drama craving, me. She is really amazed at the difference in me.

Anyway, I'm VERY happy for you and I really, really hope that he's right about the wds. I've been so scared that they are like methadone and those last for months. So... seems like Michelle isn't having such a hard time this time.. probably because she was already down to 4 mgs like every other day - I think. Anyway --- I know you experience the same thing I do and it's hard to put into words what it does for you. Please keep us posted as to how you are doing! And thank you for the support you gave me during this break up. I really am doing better - I'm going w/a friend to Atlanta to pick up his dog (just a friend) and at least, we can just talk and listen to music in the car. He's been one of my best friends for about 7 years now so we will have fun... The rest of the weekend, I will be just doing things around the apartment and maybe going to tan - although scared of skin cancer and wrinkling. But it always makes me feel better to have some color. Take care!