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I know I used to read alot of your threads and you said that you now are on methadone. I was just wondering how you take it, whether it be orally in a clinic everyday or what? I myself was just put on methadone right before leaving the hospital and I have to say that I think it works better than any of the other pain meds I have been put on. I was really planning on kicking the pain pills after my last surgery, but it ended up causing me to have another back surgery, number 4 on my back in the last year. Anyway I was told I am gonna have back pain for the rest of my life and I was just wondering if I would be able to stay on the methadone.
i take 10mg tablets....2 3x a day.........total of 60mg.....it i s perfect for chronic pain......i do not go to a clinic....any doc can write a script for it...i get 42 a pop...wks supply and see my doc every week who is a recovering addict also....very good man.....i personally beleive clinics are bad news......at least used too.....back in 1984 i was in one for 9mths.....more drugs there than anywhere....two folks died in the parkin lot on saturdays...cause we would get a two day supply till mon and they would swap there sunday meds for other crap....now i have tried every method of quitting opiates at one time or another....my addiction started backwards...it started out as a high...but then in 1990 i got run over by a golf catrt.....i even got myself extremely wired on heroin for a year there.....lost everything....had i used methadone 5 years ago instead of bupenorphine/benzos to keep the addiction in check,i doubt i be divorced and lost everythimg....the meth suppresses any other opiate buzz....its like antabuse for the alkie......i used to take 15 10mg of hydro at a pop...if i did noiw it would be a waste and the wrong thing to do......i get lower back pain bad.....i work all day(chef) and i mean from 6am till 930pm......only take one day off a week....probably why im on this board during the day checkin so much...i own my own cafe.....with the help of a girlfriend over the last three years im slowly puttin my life back together.....as they say in a/a or n/a....recovery is sometimes slow,sometimes faster for other folks.........
Yes I have to say I am pleased with the methadone and hope I never have to worry about being cut off because it does work well for my back pain, I was just wondering if you must go to a clinic to get it or if you can go to a doctor like you do, sounds like you really have a good doctor.
So chef are you being treated for your back with the methadone or what? I am very pleased for what it does for my pain and hope I dont ever have to come off of it. I was wondering if you back injury is what got you from going to the clinics?
i went to one methadone clinic and that was back in 1984.......your family physician can prescribe methadone....any major pharmacy carrys it.....in the clinic they give it to you all at once and in liquid form...pharmacies carry different strenghts...i get the 10mg pill,methadose...........it keeps my pain in check.....my addiction in recovery instead of finding opiates if i ran out....no more games like that......