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Can anyone help me? I haven't been able to sleep for days... I used to be on trazedone for sleep, and now I just can't sleep hardly at all. Nothing seems to help. I try listening to soothing music, I try to meditate, I pray, I avoid all caffeine ... I am getting desperate.
I am off all narcotics and alcohol, so that is not an option, and I cannot take melatonin, since I have a reaction to it. Has anyone ever experienced this? I have been off methadone for almost 8 months, and this is the worst it has been since I was detoxing. Sometimes I don't sleep all night, and only catch a few hours in the morning. It makes me crazy.
Any suggestions?
--Alissa :yawn:
Unforunately, I don't have any suggestions other than you WILL get back to normal. Just keep on doing what you are doing and you will be normal again. I read somewhere on this board that 8 months was the turn around month for someone coming off of methadone.

How have you been doing other than the sleep? Are you saying that you've been able to sleep but now you can't?