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i personnaly am on 60mg of methadone for chronic back pain and addiction.....i started using drugs,pot,ect back in 1973 i beleive and then in 1983 i was 24 and got my first job as executive chef...some of my crew got me snortin heroin...at tghe time i didnt know it was...i was told it was coke and some downers or somethin like that...went on methadone at a clinic for a year to beat the disease and did....so i used recreationally first...then in 1990 i was in a accident with my back...ive got lower back problems...no surgery but down the road i may have too...my symptoms now are intense lower back pain inyto the legs...it has progressively gotten worse over the years..never took care of it properly when i had the accident...well they put me on hydrocodone in 1990 and it was to Oz ever since....with the exception that it started with gettin a script of 30 and following directions and i would feel good after takin two of them...it got too a point i was buying em off the street for 5,6,8,10 bucks a piece to takin 50 at a time...my tolerance level went way up there...then it became cheaper unfortunately imet a heroin dude to buy the heroin than pay for the pills and the buzz was instant... and it releived my back pain...i was a closet addict...wife,friends never new but suspected.....went on bupenorphine to quit the heroin...my dealer was shot/killed so i could get off heroin fast there.....but then my wife found out,life got ugly,i was in the process of buildin a 300,000 house which my ex-wife now lives in with my two girls 9/12.....they know dad had a drug problem...im crushed...lost my job everything ther for awhile...met my current girlfriend at my last country club job and we bought a 80 seat cafe we both work it and im on my methadone doin good...i hit a/a mtgs every week...work every day but wed. from 6am to 9pm.....so my back sometimes has exasepations......my doc is a recovering opiate addict too and a good friend...he writes my script for meth evry week and he runs a huge dtox/treatment center near wher i live....hes the main big honcho with other docs under him...looks like a hippie but knows his crap when it comes to addictions since he was one too....hes helped me tremendously...i have to go in and have a mri and then ill deal with my addiction if i can....he has told me of different meds that will help with the pain...neurontin,elavil,neurological meds since if its pain in the brain or pain you cant control,opiates wont help anyways....ibuprofin is good..trazadone will help only with the sleep and it is a anti-depressant...clonidine will help with the pain too since it goes to the central brain station that deals with pain and also will help with w/d's..take away the flushes,skin crawlin,goosebumps and will help your blood pressure since it goes up when detoxing from opiates plus an added effect of sleep at night......i would have made the marriage work if i didnt use bupenorphine..5 years ago if i went on the methadone instead id still be married...the bupe came at that time only injectable and they gave me benzos which made me make worse decisions...gotta run...chef