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if you dont want to be dependant on anything,do not go the suboxone route...your right,youll have to relive the withdrawals all over again...i think the withdrawals are the biggest reason why folks will continue to use opiates unless they have a pain issue...i was on bupenorphine for four years and i have a back injury..im currently on methadone for the chronic pain issue but also my addiction issue...you see its tough for me...if my back didnt hurt too bad today and i didnt need any meds to fulfill my day,id be sick from not takin any opiates...a double edge sword if you will...once my back is takin care of then i can deal with my addiction issue...........i also beleive that since methadone and suboxone/subutex/buprenex...are the only two ways to deal with chemical dependancy that they should be absolute last course measures...only folks like me,banker,ect. that have addiction problems that are chronic should be on those two maintance narcotics......also,since you are several months clean i dont think any doctor would want to relapse ya......thats basically what would be happen....i detoxed from heroin,methadone,buprenex,all opiates basically......and they all bring w/d's....you can not measure them and say oh this detox wasnt that bad...compared to?....all people are different when it comes to w/d's and some folks state that bupenorphine was the hardest thing for them to kick...especially cause it is a long lasting opiate...longer than hydrocodone...thats why i stayed on it for four years there.....anyways,its only my opinion anyways....and i always advize folks to use maintance therapy only as a last resort...who knows,folks may be able to quit w/o goin any chemical route....its up to us as individuals,but i tried to promote sobriety as a way...theres a individual who has posted today who went the naltrexene route so they dont do the w/d's after they did it the first time,that was enough for them....chef