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Spark, are you the one who told me not to go to my professional meeting because I would be found out? I just have to tell you that going was one of the best things I have done and it has all remained confidential. I have to admit I am freaked out a little, but I don't see what other choice I have now. If I could have done it on my own I would have by now.

But I do appreciate any input or heads up, so don't get me wrong. I already gave my insurance info to 2 different programs today so it is too late, they already know I am seeking treatment, so I can't see it would make much difference now.

I know a guy who paid cash for his methadone detox, but still always admits on any health questionnaire that he has been treated for substance abuse, because, according to him, AA is a program of utter and complete honesty. (He is an AA goer, although heroin was his DOC.) Also, he says his 6 years of clean time are good evidence that he won't relapse.

yes she is on day 5 going on day 6 as we speak.we are both broke and were usin money that should have went to the important things not dope.if i cant stay clean this go around im thinkin about the methadone clinic very seriously that would be better than losin it all i guess-spark
Spark - why methadone? Did Suboxone not hold off your cravings? I know getting off of it was hell - but you know methadone withdrawals are probably just as bad??? I've heard stories on here where people who got off methadone were still not feeling right after 8 months to a year.... But if Suboxone did not keep away the cravings, then I don't know what else you can do. BUT.... Spark - you have got to go to meetings, both of you. How long did you girlfriend stay clean after stopping Sub? Be strong today and don't worry about tomorrow... just take care of today.
the price is why i cant go back to suboxone and to many visits to drs office.methadone is about 10-15bucks a week much cheaper than suboxone.-spark