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First of all I am so happy to hear that your wife is doing so well. I know you have a long road ahead of you both, but be strong and you will find your way to the lives you all deserve.
On another note I don't understand how the kids were taken from her because she took pain pills prescribed by her doctor while pregnant. That makes no sense to me. I was prescribed vicodin while pregnant by my OB for headaches and I even told the hospital I took it at the time of delivery. They watched for any withdrawls symptoms and she had none. But still even if she did they were prescribed by a doc. I just don't get it. I could see if she was abusing illegal drugs, but even that I have seen crack addicts who get on a methadone program able to take their babys home. Plus to take your other kids away. There was no harm done to them so I don't understand at all. You should have no problem getting those kids back...maybe the social worker on here can explain this cause I am totally confused.

Anyway more importantly I am just thrilled she is doing well. One step at a time. Things will get better! Please tell your wife we are all thinking of her and we want her to keep fighting. When she is ready we will all be here to help support her in any way we can.