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Suboxone really isn't prescribed for pain but for addicts that relapse over and over again. It might help a little with the pain but most of the time, for chronic pain they prescribe oxycontins. If he's an addict with chronic pain, sometimes they prescribe methadone. However, methadone (in my experience) still makes you feel 'high' like lortabs or oxys do. He could try Suboxone - you definitely do not get a 'high' from it and for me, it has changed my life as far as the addiction is concerned. But I'm just not sure it would help him for pain.

I'm sorry, I wish I could give you more info. To find a Suboxone doctor, just go to the Suboxone website and there is a physicians search engine where you can type in your city, state or whatever to locate a doctor. Maybe he can go to him and see what he has to say??? I wish you both luck, I can't imagine having to live w/chronic pain.
they treat chronic pain with methadone..if you dont abuse drugs you dont experience euphoria...methadone is a great drug of choice for folks with chronic pain and who need to control addictive behaviour.....