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Please share your experiences. Been on sub for about 6 months. 4mg. I haven't posted in awhile but I know Root and some others have experience with coming off sub. Real quick. Been using drugs 35 years. Mostly shooting drugs with years of methadone in between. Clean 15 years and relapsed. Started eating hydro got up to about 150-200 mg a day. Jumped on sub. It is now time to get clean. Went from 4mg to 1mg( 1/2 2mg tab) with not much trouble at all. Last 1 mg is a real fight. I'm hovering betwen 1/4 and 1/2 a 2mg pill each day. Take my sub at about 5am. By 3pm legs are hurting. By 5 or so runny nose. I can still sleep though. Just achy and sort of misserable. Please share some experiences. I know there will be WD's. But isn't 1 mg a pretty low dose? Detoxed off 80 mg of meth so I do know what to expect. What I am looking for is does any one have experience being on sub for several months and how did they get clean? Please share.

Thanks everyone for posting,

I don't seem to have the problems that you speak of(or at least not to the extent). I do have night sweats but I attripute this to the sub not the lack of. Down to 1/3 of a 2mg pill. I was on 4 mg. I could have gone to any dose (I guess) but 4 seemed about right. Tried more but didn't feel better. More was just more tired and super constipated. Crazy, when I got my first script filled it was filled with 8 mgs vs.2mg. That meant I started this program with 4 times the meds I should have. Pharm miss-read or something. Never had anything like that happen before. Going from4mg-1mg has been hard. Legs ache mostly. You're right, I will have to bite the bullet soon. It could be that I have quit drugs cod turkey soo many times I sort of know what to expect. I have been taking T-lysione (sp) each morning for the blahs- seems to help. 99% of my lifetime detoxes were with the help of a jail cell. That's why I jumped on sub as soon as I started eating too many hydros. Prior drug of choice was heroin and methadone. The difference from meth and sub; if I doubled up my meth dose I would get high, not so with sub. Nothing euphoric about this one. Maybe that's why I think it will be tolerable to detox. Haven't used at all since being on. I will keep you posted. Again, thanks for replying to my posts.