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spark...you do not necessarily have to go to a clinic to get methadone...any family doc/pm doc/any physcian can write you a csript for methadone....if i had to go to a clinic to get meth i would most likely be back on bupenorphine/buprenex/suboxone cause clinic just have more dope peddlers hangin around there than on street corners...back in 1984 i was in a clinic setting for 9 months and two folks died in the parkin lot...they used to sell their sundays dosing on saturdays....i go to my doc and he writes me a script for the methadone...10mg tablets..i know they make diskettes that are stronger but im on the 60"s ....2 tabs three times a day...my doc writes chronic pain on the script as not to cause any uneseccary bs i could incure,but the pharmesists know they prescribe the methadone for chronic pain..it works fantastic for my back....my doc could write me for a 4 week supply but we catch uo to each other once a week and he gives me 42...the other day he wrote me for 84 and it only cost 20 bucks...well worth it,especially if finances are important....fire away and questions if you wish....chef
also chef ran into a buddy that i hadnt seen in awhile lives in another county,he said that he had signed up for the methadone clinic but then the idiot went and bought 12oc80s for 50 bucks a pop,and i thought aint that the pot callin the kettle black.there are some idots around here-spark
Due to insurance changes I had 3 different drs write me scripts for methadone for chronic pain. I had to go in once a month at first and then when the drs built up trust in me I would get a 3 scripts at one time for the next 3 months and just file them at the pharmacy so they were there when I needed them.