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Root - you may have said this already but are they going to give you meds during this and if so, what kind? You know a lot of places prescribe Sub for 3 or 5 days, just to get the patient through the worst of it... Be sure they understand that you can't take it and you will have to do the clonodine or methadone route. Does anyone else know what else they give in detox? I'm still very happy for both of you. I know you are excited too - I can hear it in your voice. Are you still attending meetings or are you going to wait until after detox? Keep in touch and take care of yourself - you too Rosie, my fellow ADD friend.
They told me they would give me the clonodine which I think is a blood preassure med and klonopin for anxiety. If the addiction is really bad they will put you on the sub or methadone, but I don't think i will need that hopefully.
I may have messed up on the name of the blood preasure med, but I thought that is what they said! Either way they said I would be pretty out of it. Yet you still have a full day in these places. Wake up at 7 and counseling..meetings ect till 9 at night sometimes. We shall see.