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Hi I Was A Memeber Of A.a For Several Years, Until My Relapse With Herion And Crack, I Loved The Meetings Although It Is At Times A Click Thing, Just Remember There Is Good And Bad In Everthing, Take What You Can And Use It , What You Can't Use Through It Back. Lol

And I Can Relate To The Useing Thing This Is Why I Don't Go Now Becaus Ei Am Still Taking Methadone, And Of Course With The Fellowship This Is A No No, Although It Should Not Be Because Thisa Is A Medication Not A Drug, But Anyways I Wish You Well....

I'm so glad that you went but your experience doesn't sound so good. Sounds like after tonight, you may need to find another one. Also, did you tell them you are going to detox next week? I'm very surprised that they acted this way. Yes, if tonight is the same, find another one.

There is a lady on here named Rosie and the very first meeting she attended was in a park at night. She went and she said the majority of the people there were all teenagers and they were all there because the court made them go - probably due to DUIs or something. Anyway, talk about out of place? She is a very professional lady and to go and sit w/teenagers in the park who HAD to be there - it was just hysterical to read what she said about it. But she did a great job and continued going to several different meetings until she found a few she felt comfortable with. She was also using (tapering) and people weren't mean to her - but they told her she should quit tapering and get into Detox.

Anyway, I'm very happy for you and I hope that you continue to go and find one that is going to be great for you. I know the rule is 90 meetings in 90 days during the first three months of being sober.

Billiejean - you can't go because your on methadone? Have you tried and if so, what did they say? I know Chef is on meth but he attends meetings regularly. How long have you been on methadone and what mg? Do you have chronic pain or is it for maintenance alone?

I hope everyone has a good day today.
Thanks everyone for their replies. Nobody at the meeting really said anything bad its what they didn't say. I thought I would have people lined up ready to talk to me. Nobody gave me the time of day. They did say I could be there if I wasn't clean as long as I didn't have the drugs on me at the time. But what was weird is they asked the new people who arn't clean not to talk during the meeting, but to talk to someone afterwards. I thought that was weird. Anyway..I am gonna try another one tonight. Its at the same place. I wanted to go to this other one this morning that is closer to me, but I had an appt. I really don't want to go and I am dreading it, but I have too!! I really want to get on a routine of going so that when I get out of rehab i am accostomed to going. When i get clean I am worried that the stress of all this stuff..meetings, counseling ect will all be too much. If I get things going now it will just flow for me much better after I get clean. I hope I made sense. Thanks everyone! Also why can't you go if you that methadone treatment? I don't get that!