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Banker, I am so glad that you are ok. I know exactly what you mean. Everyday coming home from work, I literally nod off. I have had several scares same as you almost running into the wall, but waking up just in time. Its so hard to explain, but I do know what your talking about. I have a ton of energy, but boy if I stop and relax I am out within seconds. I just thought it was somwthing I was going through. Ya know when I was on Methadone it made me nod off just like this. That was one of the reasons I stopped. Banker I do hope you will stay on the sub a little longer, you are a prime example how well this drug does indeed work. I am so proud of you, you have come a long way, and should be very proud of yourself! Try decreasing your benzos and see what happens. I take Klonipin on occasion and I am gonna stop that all together. This really scares me. We need to ask our docs what we can do about the nodding off when we are still. I t only happens when I am still and relaxed. I can hardly keep my eyes open at times. Anyway I am so glad you are ok!