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I WOULDNT TOUCH THE DARVOCETTES EITHER EVEN THOUGH THEY WOULD DEFINETLY HELP...THEY WOULD RELEIVE THE W/D SYMPTOMS BUT it is true they would set ya back...it would be like day one with the hurtin once you ran out of the darvocetts and why bother since youve got four days on the disease anyways...like you said it isnt the first time youve tackled the problem but pray it will be the last since our disease is a life long one once youve got it.....on the sleep issue back in 1984 i was on methadone for 9 months at 32mg and when i quit it i tailored off the methadone at 2mg a day.....the last day i did 2 mg and i slept.....after that i did not sleep for 11 days and i looked up the guiness record since i thought i had it beat,but the record i think if i remeber was like 18 daysw and then that person started to hallucinate and stuff.....i remeber thinkin to myself that i could bet anyone a million bucks by gettin hooked on methadone again that i could stay awake for 11 days strait.....i swore id never touch the stuff again..that was in 1984....since last june im back on methadone,60mg,for chronic pain in my back...plus ive been takin opiates since 1990 cause of a back injury and got hooked on pain meds...used to eat 50 lortab 10's a day...anything would do me fine...400mg of oxy's,whatever.....met a doc in june who i told i was on buprenex,same as subutex/suboxone...i was injecting it muscular..its how a detox place does it outpatient in the state wher i live...anyways he told me that detoxin from methadone at 2mg a day aint right...have to do it lot slower and itll help my pain better so thats the route im goin plus he is a recovering opiate addict and we go to a/a meetings weekly together and there is where he writes me a script for my methadone......chef