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Quote from doggreensector:
I was able to quit vicodin duing the holiday season for about a month. After the holiday season I became ill with the flu and my doctor prescribibed vicodin cough syrup. Well I thought that I could handle it and it helped my cough alot. Now I am back on vicodin and I am very discouraged. I have tried for the last month to try and stop taking it and have only been able to pull off one or two days without it.

I know what I have to do but I really hate the idea of going through the hell of the withdrawals.

Any suggestions? I did find that taking 800 mg of motrin did help to a great degree with the withdrawals.

dog im sorry to hear about your situation if possible start weaning yourself down before your tolerance gets any higher because the more tolerance the more severe the withdrawal my heart goes out to you i was addicted to vicodin about 180 every 2 weeks for back pain then they switched me to the drug from hell methadone please stop in the early stage love and hugs kelleigh