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what makes benzos so addicting i know they play with your mind but when ever i heard words like valium xanax etc i always imagined it was some kind of drug that really got you wasted i dont know much about them and ive been taking klonopin for 2 weeks and all it does is relieve my anxiety i just am so confused how people abuse them i understand people taking them if they have been on them for awhile to relieve withdrawal but why are they such a popular abused drug im just confused i wish i could understand now that im off methadone i feel compelled to find out what makes every prescription drug tick if there are people addicted to these dont take this post the wrong way i just need to know research has helped me through my methadone thing and made me very curious if any one has info let me know thanks sorry if i made anyone mad peace kelly :confused:
Quote from Banker:
I think a lot of it has to do with tolerance. It's VERY easy to build up tolerance and for whatever reason, you end up taking much, much more to get the same feeling as one gives you. Klonopin are a little different to me. I used to take those too and they really just made me feel TIRED - xanax, to me, give a little different feeling. It's nothing like euphoria or anything... I DO know what you are saying but I've always LOVED pain pills but not xanax. However, I have found my tolerance rises FAST if I do not watch it. I mean, bigtime. In fact, it's up right now and your mind just thinks it needs more. It's weird!

thanks banker for your input i was just curious why there one of the most saught after prescription drugs for some reason after getting off methadone i just need to know everything about prescription drugs maybe i should become a pharmacist lmao i definitly agree with you about the pain pills thanks your awesome kelleigh