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:confused: I am new to this board, my first post I talked about being on Suboxone, since then I have read so many posts about trying to get off suboxone and having bad withdrawels. This is making me so scared. The reason I went on this was so I wouldnt go through that again. Been through withdrawels so many times I lost count. So since reading the posts I have been trying to wean down slowly. I have only been on it for a week, so I am hoping that I can wean off in a few more days without too much trouble. I am on Suboxone for heroin addiction and before that I was addicted to pills off and on for almost 20 years. With the weaning I have been so sad and feeling so much emotional pain that I had been covering up with the drugs. I lost my 18 year old daughter last August 24th and have not been drug free since then, until now with the suboxone, which I know is not exactly drug free but there is not that high that covers all the hurt inside. I dont want to go back to using but I am so scared of this pain I feel inside. It's awful and I miss my daughter so much it hurts like hell. How can someone deal with such an enormous loss without using. I dont know how to do that yet and have been praying constantly that I can learn to deal with this loss drug free. But, I am petrified that I will go back to using again. Thanks for letting me vent, any help is greatly appreciated.


kiddo im so srry about the loss of your daughter i cant even imagine what you must be going through are you in any kind of counceling my story is not as sad as yours but my counceler has helped me through the toughest moments in my life i lost my father and mother father on christmas mother on easter i was on methadone for pain but it definitly drowned out the hurt when i stopped methadone it hit me like a tone of bricks my councelor has been amazing if youre not in counceling consider it it doent work over night but it will eventually again im so sorrry for your loss my heart is with you kelleigh