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Quote from Phlox:
I have been reading some of the posts here, and I just have a quick question on Tolerance. I have 2 relatives who have been having problems with painpill addiction off and on for years now, and one question that I never got a good answer to all this time, is how did they build up such a tolerance?
I mean, one relative told me how they were taking up to 20 lortab pills a day, while the other said that one day they'd take 3, the next day they'd take 30, off and on depending on what they could get. So I have 2 questions from that:
1) How could they take that many pills and not overdose? From what I understand 8 is the max lortab you can take b/c of Acetaminophene, but isnt the narcotic dangerous too? Cant they overdose on the narcotic itself? How can their bodies handle this?
2) To spin off the last question, I know that your body can build up tolerances over time, but even then, how could someone take 3 pills one day and 30 the next, off and on, since its such a drastic difference and doesnt let your body adapt......so how is that possible without overdosing? Do you think maybe they HAVE overdosed but just never have had serious consequences? I just dont get it....I would think that even if my body were used to them and taking the recommended amount for awhile, if all of a sudden tomorrow I took 16 pills, wouldnt that fatally jack your liver?
One relative has been in "recovery" off and on for awhile now, and I just wonder when he starts back again and has a "binge", how the heck does he do that without dying or something? He hadnt had any in months, then takes 20 pills and is ok? I dont get it.
Thank you in advance for any information!

phlox thats an awesome question i was on vicodin a few years ago and i could take any where fron 10 to 15 a day and some times 3 at a time i dont know much about tolerence but i do know that your body just gets used to them and the amazing thing is i stopped taking them about 2 1/2 years ago because they switched me to methadone and ive been off that for almost 3 months now im back on vicodin for chronic back pain and i still have a tolerance to it i think alot of overdoses happen when the person doesnt have the drug in their system for a few days cause they ran out etc and then go back to taking the same high dose im not an expert but i hope this sheds a litttle bit of light im sure some one on the board knows more than i do chat later kelleigh