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[QUOTE=John 3:16]What all are you taking? Could you possibly eliminate some things?
I know how you feel- I have to take an anti-depressant, something for anxiety, have been prescribed something for sleep and sore muslces but do not take either very often. And on top of all of that, I have to take B-12 injections just for energy (doesn't seem normal?). It can be very discouraging.

Hang in there,
miche taking neurontin klonopin lexapro trazadone weaning off effexor celbrex and vicodin also tons of vitamins all this for giving up methadone it is so discouraging because when i was on methadone even though its a sh---y drug to be on i took that and effexor and that was it thanks for replying hopefully if the lexapro workes like it should i can eliminate the klonopin thanks again kelleigh