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You are stuck-i know that feeling all too well-and bankers right-your not ready yet-but your dr. may end up lowering your dose..and maybe its a good time to prepare yourself to get off em'..i think i know how you feel-i went thru periods in my addiction-where i was just resigned to the fact-i am a junkie for life-ill never get off of it-so deal w/ it"-but it never sat right..i knew i had to try-have you ever got any real sober time-since you have been using?Are you just fearful of the w/d's?I think you want out-but are afraid of dealing w/ all the stuff that comes w/ it..and i can understand that!Thats what got me on suboxone.My last relapse was such a ballbuster-i was either going to die-or get off the h-so i chose the sub.
I wish i had the answers but i know myself too well-and when i was active-i was ACTIVE!Its up to you-all that tylenol is a killer too..i am worried about you-and i will be here if you need me.W/o giving you ****..you need help.
one thing is for sure-beating yourself up one perpectuates the problem-go easy-and get some help-
Quote from bluejulie5:
I called the pharmacy today for my refill on hydro.
the pharmacist called me back, and said she talked to my dr. and he said
that he won't refill till i come in and see him (i knew i was supposed to make
an appt. but i havent yet. it has been a LONG time since i have seen him).
anyway she said, she thinks that he want's to lower my intake of the tylenol, because he asked her if she keeps hydrocodone 5. 325 in stock, instead of
the 5. 500 that i have been taking.....................
my goodness, if only he knew how much i have really been taking.
here he is trying to help me, and i am taking tons more of hydro. than
what he knows about.
I feel so guilty.
Also, everyday i am taking SO many pills
and I know i need to slow down, but I am NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so weak.
I have no willpower.
thanks for letting me vent

bluejulie before i was on methadone i also took hydros ant where from 10 to12 a day and i to had a hard time stopping i get my prescription for 180 and say this is the last script yeah like that happened you do have the will power but your just not ready yet dont be so hard on your self when you're fed up you'll do the right thing in my situation being on methadone i ran out early called my doc and he wouldnt fill it and that was my breaking point i said i cant take this anymore these pills ran my life so i finally decided this is it and hopefully soon you will to my thoughts are with you and hang in there hugs kelleigh