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:angel: [QUOTE=x-ray]Hi All,
I just found this site a couple of days ago and this is my
first posting.
My wife and I started using pain pills for the high about
4 yrs back. Just whenever we ran across any at first, then
dead serious for about 2 yrs. We quit cold about 1 month
ago. The first 5 days were hell, then things got better except for one thing. I am finding that my mood swings
from positive/ambitious to really depressed every couple
of days. I have used drugs and alcohol in one form or
another for about 35 yrs. I am 51 now. My wife has recovered without the mood swings and I am profoundly
grateful for her because she is helping all she can.
Sorry for the ramble but now to the question.
Is it normal for some people to have these mood swings?
The swings into depression are truly bad and I'm hoping
that they will go away.
Any advice this side of medication would be greatly
By the way, I've read enough of your various posts to
know that alot of you have been through far worse
than we experienced. You folks are tough!
Thanks in advance
xray as with any narcotic it can take awhile for your brain to start working the way it should i stopped methadone about 3 months ago and had to start taking lexapro an antidepressant and also klonopin which im not to happy about basically narcotics make your brain stop making serotonin so it takes awhile for it to start getting back into balance but hang in there it will get better kelleigh :angel: