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hi patience. I am on day 9. I was feeling so much better but then last night was horrible again. My right arm and leg started twitching again. I am really fighting this with all I've got. Today I don't feel any pain but just very very weak. I try to make myself do things around the house but after about 15 minutes of anything I am ready to lie back down. I feel very shaky. I have never been depresed before but I think I am now. I do not want to take anything to help me, I am terrified I might have to withdraw from something else. Your story scares me to death I want nothing more then to feel normal. I hope that since methadone, was the only thing I was taking that I get back to normal far before 3 months. you are so very strong . I am going crazy now at 9 days so I know by 3 months I would be committed somewhere. Once again, I would like to thank you and everyone else who has helped me with kind advice and help me see that there is light after this dark tunnel..Prayers will be with you all. thanks