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Well i havent been here in a while. i had kidney stone surgery 10 days ago and seem to have passed the worse of it. i only have a couple stones left that are small enough to pass without surgery. now i am back to dealing with my disc prob that i have had since i was in the service. i came clean with my doc today i havent been abusing my narcos too much but i still cant seem to control myself to stick to the recommended dosage (6per day) and when i stop i go through withdrawl. i am only down to 6-8 narcos a day which is great compared to what i used to do (12-15 daily). anyway i came clean with my doc he was very cool and understanding with me and seems to think i would benefit better from methadone tabs for cronic pain. i had to sign an agreement that i would avoid any other controlled substance and would stick to the dosage. i feel pretty good coming clean with him instead of misleading him for more narcos. like i said i dont have the prob i once had but it is still a prob none the less. i guess i am looking for some advice on methadone and the resultsa other people have had good and bad.
Methadone is going to make you retain urine and that could lead to future stones, I have NO Idea why urologist do that!