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Hi blue-
I don't remember any bad post from you-it couldn't be that bad!
Hey-your having a rough time-thats why this board exists!So-we can "say what we gotta say!"..lol..
How are you doing?
Im a recovering H addict-and if i could tell you how many times i tried to kick-i can't really-at least 50x...seriously in one year-20 methadone detoxs!Thats like twice a month-holy...You know-its agony...
I opted for suboxone program-cos i really couldn't get clean after my 2 yrs. sober/then relapse.
I have been h-free for 8 months or so.
This was my way out-and really i think i did every detox known to mankind.
Clonidine/methadone/c-t/bupe/etc...in-patient-out..i was resigned to "this is my life"...nooooooo!
Finally-some peace.
Maybe you could look into the sub for detox purposes..its a decent detox-not pain free-but tolerable.
have you done in-patient detox before-could be your way out!
I hope your ok today-and there is hope-believe me..there are options out there and you just need to find one that works for you!
Goddess Bless...
HEather :angel: