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Im a recovering H addict now on the sub-been on for 8 months-started at 16 mgs now on 4 mgs and tapering to 3 mgs..
Here is the deal w/ coming off the dope w/ sub-you feel like garbage for 3-4 days..and then your are fine-takes a few to stabilize on the med-but once your body adjusts-your are great.
W/ methadone since its long acting i believe you gotta be off for a few days before you start the sub-you are NOT going to feel right for at least 4-7 days-also how much done are you on?
Over 30 mgs..its not gonna work very well...there are sites on the web that talk about switching-over to bupe...you'd be better off getting on the sub and coming off that as opposed to coming straight off the methadone which is a very long taper-even the sub-is a long taper process-but the methadone is way harder to come off of-according to dear friends who have done both.
Search-suboxone on google-or Heroin.
Whatever you decide-Good Luck-and at least your not doing the ****...thats how i look at it-just keep me away from the dope!!!!
methadone im on 60mg daily....i did not wait two days before starting on suboxone therepy and i too went into w/d...you have to wait with mrethadone at least/mininmum of two days cause of its long half life,especially if your tolerance was way up there....bupenorphine is not necessarily for everyone...it cause different feelings in everyone....stay happy and on the meth...but you gotta work for recovery....chef