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Good morning-just read your post-and as fellow musician/songwriter/addict-i think you got THE perfect time-to get into detox-and i would do it.
Why suffer c/t when you got insurance-the family will be on vacation-your all set!You got an even better chance of kicking the pills-in a detox-plus your medically supervised and made as comfortable as possible.
Ihear you on the boredom factor-when i was strung out it made my day job alot more tolerable.
I am also on the suboxone maintainence program(same as subutex but will naloxone)-im not suggesting this to you-unless you feel like you are a chronic relapser.
The subutex(i did an inpatient bupe-subutex) detox-was very good-no real symptoms of kicking-i was amazed-better than methadone detox-and after i was released from the hospital-i felt pretty good.
I did get clean for 2 yrs..relapsed-so i started suboxone to pull things back together-miss my music/etc..
I was also signed/touring etc..and the drugs really messed w/ my creativity-and although when i cleaned up i got my band up again-i wrecked it again by using.
So-here i am-bandless but off the dope-and starting the taper process to get off the suboxone.
Hit detox-play your music and blow off this ****..its a waste of time/$$$..
Good luck-and let us know whats up!!!