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My sponsor and I worked a 12th Step with a friend of mine yesterday. My sponsor is an 18-year-sober alcoholic and doesn't know much about dope so he brought me on this 12th Step. Our friend was 2 years sober but had open heart surgery a few months back. The pain pills he was taking put him back into abusing. He's been shooting oxycontin, diluadid, and morphine for the past 3 or 4 months. When he can't score any of that he buys methadone wafers. When he has nothing he gets wasted on booze. We were discussing his treatment options yesterday and he wants to do the Buprenorphin(Subutex?) treatment. This treatment is 3 days supervised medication then a prescription for the stuff over 1 month combined with group therapy. He's done the AA/NA program before and was successful until this heart surgery thing. I was wondering if the Buprenorphine would "allow" one to get drunk on booze and if benzos could be abused by one on Buprenorphin? If he takes the Bup will he still be able to get high if he shoots morphine, dilaudid, or oxycontin? Does this stuff prevent other opiates from working? I understand that the Bup keeps one from getting dopesick and is not supposed to provide a buzz but is an addict able to get high on other stuff while using the Buprenorphin? I've had no experience with Bup so I need some help on this one. My friend's other option is to go into a detox with a 28 day rehab. This is my favorite option cuz I know the guy will get drunk or loaded on other stuff if he is supervised for only 3 days in the Bup program. Info on this will be much appreciated.