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i am 44...i started using drugs,ie..pot,mushrooms,mescaline,acid,tab t,pcp,qualludes,carbatrols,speed,barbituates,benziopianesin 1974 and got clean around 1980,in time to go to college and chef school...then in 1984 for that year i was addicted to coke,heroin and then 1985 to methadone....was clean/sober from 1986 got married had two girls and hurt my back in 1990 and have been usin only opiates since then...prices got too high on the pills...8 - 10 a peice or 25 bucks for oxyies...used to take 50 - 60 hydros a day....thats around 35,000 mgs of acecphitmen i think.......was on bupenorphine for 4 years to try and maintain off the pills too....now am on 60mg of methadone a day....now granted,i havent died yet..but my recovery is actually just beginning...i never new how to live live on lifes terms,nor sober.....i am finding spirituality again here slowly,since that is a major componentr we lose in addiction.......i go to a/a every week/chance i get...i love this board/forum,its good therapy...there is a time when we should say enough is enough....last sunday at a/a there was a 20 year sober party for one guy and two others,so it can be done......i think i should be dead with all that ive done....god works in mysterious ways.....chef
Hi-whats going on?
Were you unable to stop the pills?I thought you had blown them off-tell me what you are doing-how much/often?You were on oxys-did you go to lortabs?
I did H-and the oxys are right up there-like pharm. grade dope..and ive heard from others just as hard to kick.
Tell me whats happening-and ill try to help-i don't really know your story so if you can give me a rundown ill try to help you..
Don't feel embarassed or weird-i have done so much insanity in my days..no judgement here-plus-im on suboxone-im being maintained..my day will come.
All the stuff your talking about are the "yets"-they refer to in AA...they can happen.
Sadly-very sadly to say-we lost a board member here-"happy Father"-who died in his sleep..his wife wrote in and told us..RIP..
I personally have lost 7 people over the last 3 years-people i knew-and 3 whom were close friends-thats alot of people.
Ive seen ODs up close-one that resulted in death-he was rushed to the hospital-but died-narcan did not work..my husband od'd when we relapsed before we both got on the suboxone- i was there-screaming/there was no phone at the house-luckily-my friend shot him up w/ salt water-and he came to-after 15 minutes of lost conciousness-i was breathing for him-i was traumatised-and we still did drugs after that-we got on suboxone and now have 9 months w/ no illicit using..
As far as losing jobs-money-that goes w/ the addiction-as your habit becomes more intense-the $$$ goes w/ it-family/will find out-everything eventually-as one becomes more ill-it reveals itself-in every area of your life-
All i can say-is that it doesn't get better-it gets worse-and the only way to stop the progression-is to stop using-there is no other way.
Have you considered a detox-or even suboxone or methadone?
How long have you been addicted?
Sorry for all the questions-but i can tell you are getting worried..and maybe you are getting ready to let it go..
This board will be here for u-
Hope i wasn't too lenghty-or boring-just want to help if i can..
Goddess Bless-
Heather :angel: