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:wave: Good morning to all! You guys are too sweet! It's nice to know I was missed for a while. But you guys are right... I've been having too much fun and haven't had much time for the board. But I'll do better, because I have missed you guys tremendously.

First of all, Michelle--- what happened between you and your husband? It's unusual for you guys to fight so let us know and let us know how you are. I hope my post made some sense... just trying to show that if the doc was truly scared, not to mention responsible at ALL, they would have you in to have that test MUCH sooner than over a month later. You need to take care of yourself and seriously consider the ADs... Sometimes whatever we are taking just stops working, for whatever reason. I have a friend who's on Methadone and he was taking Lexepro and he said he woke up one day and it just stopped working... he's on Wellbutrin now too. I swear, I think there is something to say that it's prescribed for addiction to nicotine... I think it helps w/any addiction, personally. And maybe that's just the power of positive thinking, but I don't know. Anyway, pls write as soon as you can.

Lynn - poor little baby dog... breaks my heart to hear about the other dog taking charge. I'm serious, I'm so much for the underdog anyway (no pun intented) but gosh, I hate to say it but it kind of makes me a little mad at the healthy one. Not sure if you northern folks read this book in school but have you ever read 'Where the Red Fern Grows'? Gosh, it will rip your heart out... I remember reading it in my gifted class when I was 15 or so and just crying my eyes out. It's such a good book, even for adults. It reminds me of your dogs... and reminds me that the healthy dog should be at least a little sad about his playmate not being like he used too.... Then again, maybe I'm just not aware of how he used to treat the healthy dog when HE was healthy. Maybe what comes around goes around in this case? lol
I realize that animals have pride, and that's what I cannot stand about your situation... that's why I wanted him to have it asap so that he can be back on his feet and prancing around like nothing ever happened.
And yes, my baby girl is the one that says 'hey' in her southern little voice every time I'm on this board. She sits in my lap and talks to the little faces.... it's hysterical. She also answers back when we are in the grocery store when someone comes over the loud speaker and says something. She looks up at the ceiling and screams 'O.K.' - as loud as she can... like she thinks they are talking to her. She's a scream!!! My little miracle baby... like I said, they are all miracles to me... but she's special. She wasn't supposed to be here - but she made it. I think she's a little fighter, just like her mama!!! :)

Not sure if I told you but I know someone that has a chichuaha (I know that that is SO not how you spell it, but you get the point) and he is the 'baby' of the family. He had both knees replaced at the age of 14 and had to be on bed rest too, for a long time. He's actually almost 16 years old (if you can believe it) and still doing well. There is so much hope for your dog... it's just going to be hard during those first few weeks... I've missed you too... Let's promise to keep in touch more. How are you doing, by the way? I know it's hard to stop those last 4 or 5 per day when all they are doing is just making you feel barely normal.

Alice - I DID NOT see the fireworks... but I wish I would have. I actually was sleeping during that time because I was going out later to meet a friend. I've been a 'dating' fool... Only because my new man has been out of town - but he comes back today. I'm extremely nervous guys --- everyone is right.... I have been on a high from him. The newness of a relationship and falling in love is such an amazing feeling. But I'm absolutely terrified of getting my heart broken again. I'm actually meeting my ex today for lunch (ex boyfriend, that is... I know there are so many of them :-) )... He and I are going to discuss this 'new man' and he's going to try and help me keep things in perspective since I have such a tendency to just go wild with my emotions when I meet someone that is absolutely amazing. My ex really is the most reasonable guy I've ever met... Today wll be the first time I've seen him in four months - since the break up... It will be strange to see how I feel. I actually was hoping that I would experience some of the old pain and then back up a little from this new man, just so I can take it slowly... but for me, there is no taking anything slowly. Just like any addict, I can't get enough of a good thing.

I've missed everyone so much... Dan, I hope you start feeling better soon. When are they going to do surgery? You need relief... how are you on Sub? How much are you taking? I'm just so proud of you, I can't stand it.

Heather, I'm extremely excited about you writing and singing again... that is awesome. My dream job... not writing, because I've tried it and it just doesn't come out of this brain. The words do, but I can't write music. Even though I'm left handed and supposed to be creative, we all have to remember that I DO work for a bank so I have that right handed brain... very weird. But yes, I have been singing again. In fact, on my first date with my 'new man'... we went and I have to admit that I kicked a little butt that night. I do the best under pressure and he was in awe. It was wonderful!!! :) Love me some attention!!!! lol And I'm proud of your son too. He could really be successful!

K - I love you all and I really appreciate you guys supporting me so much. I really do feel like we are all just a happy, little, disfunctional family. lol

Lisa - WAY TO GO! Keep it up - please go to meetings. Get books... Do whatever it takes to stay clean TODAY! The fact that you said the 4th was 'awesome' makes me SO happy. You are a realist and you know that you will have good days and bad and that the good will become more frequent! I think because of you being SO in touch with yourself and your moods, you are going to do great! Just don't give in...

Michelle - let me hear from you, k? I'll be checking in later today from work! If I can ever get there... :wave: