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Hello everyone, I'm new here and need a little help. I've been addicted to Vicodin for about 3 years and have tried 3 times to wean myself off but each time I give up becuase I'm tired and bored. I take the vicodin becuase it gives me energy and makes me feel feel great. I have gone from about 18 Vicodin ES a day. Today I'm at 4, tomorrow 3, next day 2, etc etc... I'm feeling today like I don't know if I can do this. I have never heard of subutex/suboxone or methadone treatments. Can someone educate me? I am really appreciative of any help. NO ONE in my life (including my husband) knows that I have been taking vicodin for 3 years. Now you all know! Please HELP!

Sunny :yawn: :confused: :dizzy:
Hi! I know in my area,they wouldn't give you methadone to help get off of vicodin.I'm going to be honest with you,its no picnic,but damn sure worth it.My brother was addicted to painpills,he was taking my med. without me knowing it.He tried to ween himself off,but for him,it was inpossable,because when you have them,its hard to tell yourself"i'm only gonna take 3 today,2 tomarrow etc.." But if you can do it,i'm sure the withdrawls won't be as bad.I read a lot of posts here,and the peaple are very helpful.