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Hi everone.I am still trying to come down from methadone and noticed that some had taken a drug called clonidine.Was wondering at what dosage they were on? I don't think my VA pharmacy has the patch so it will likely be pills.
Any info would be appreciated.
I tire greatly of not sleeping.
Thank you.
Hi Seabee,

I don't have any info on your particular question, but I saw your name and just wanted to say hi, and that I am glad you are still here--I've wondered about you many times since the last time we wrote each other.

I have a lot of questions about methadone I would like to talk to you about...and I remember that very bad place you were in not so long ago when I was just starting posting here also. You told me I had "hit it right on the head" when I posted to you about your desire to keep on living...I am so glad to see I was wrong, and I am just very happy that you made it through that last bout of w/ds.

I hope you'll be available on here pretty soon when I'm ready to start posting about my methadone quandry, you have so much experience with it, that I'd really appreciate your time (plus the fact we both had--or maybe still have?--that wavering back and forth feeling at times of "hanging around life a little bit longer.")

Thanks for hanging in there...

Dallas Alice