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To make a long story short, my best friend is taking me to a dr. tomorrow
to get help with my pill usage.

Her and I had a talk this morning and she went home and took it
upon herself to make some phone calls and she found a dr. about an hour
away that deals with methadone (sp?)

I need your opinions please, whoever has been on this med before.

Do you think its a good idea? Do you think it will work?

Michelle; I could especially use your opinions please.
By the way I have not been on here so I have no idea
how you are doing, I hope you are doing good.

I am so thankful for her, that she did that for me.
That is what it had to take cause I guess I wasnt going
to do it myself.
I will give you my personal opinion, as I am sure that you will get more that disagree with me. I live in Canada, here Methadone is not prescribed for anything but a Heroin addiction. It is extremely controlled. I am astounded when I here that a Dr. will prescribe it for a addiction to pills, however that is not the issue. I was offered Methadone when I decided to withdraw from Heroin and I refused. It was like trading one addiction for another. Methadone is highly addictive and I find that the people that I know that chose to use Methadone are still having addictive behaviours such as obsessing over Methadone instead of the other drug they used. If you are extremely physically addicted I would say that maybe you should look into it however, why become addicted to a far worse drug just so you can get over the drug you are on. Methadone is synthetic Heroin. It also has become a multi billion dollar a year business. Be informed. Don't just decide to take it because it will taper you off nicely, cause when you are ready to taper of the Meth, it is a different story.

I am not trying to start a debate about whether Methadone is a good thing or a bad thing just give my personal opinion. I would encourage people that have any opposing thoughts to post to give our friend some things to think about to make a better and informed decision.......
meth has its pros and cons....im am on 60mg of meth daily for pain/addiction...im dual diagnosed....bupenorphine and methadone are two long acting opiates used to get a opiate addicted individual on maintance meds so they can overcome the street behavior for opiate abuse but methadone is also prescribed for folks with chronic pain....i do not go to a clinic to get my meth...my doc writes me a script every two weeks......maintance meds are in reality switching from one or ten different types of opiates to one,bupenorphine or methadone....every one is different when it comes to our opiate addictions and is a good choice for some may not be a good choice for others...if i had a opiate problem taking four vicodins a day,it may not make sense to go on a maintance drug...may be better to wean of the pills first....maintance drugs are good for folks who cant control there lives cause of the opiates...they misuse there meds constantly,get fired from jobs,negative behaviour......have the docs help in the decision makin process....12 step programs you need to go too.......chef
Julie -

Having a friend to help you take the first step towards going off those pills is what registered most with me. Half the battle is having support. I'm so happy that you've got that. :-)

Never having been on with methadone or suboxone...I can't help you with that decision. However, I would make the suggestion that you find out about both--AND--also....discuss with an addictionologist the chances of your tapering off the drugs, with that doctor there to guide you step by step. I tell you this...because I am thinking through similar decisions. I would not select methadone, though, for the reason that it can involve daily trips to a clinic to get it. But, then you have situations like Chef, where he is given a prescription for it.

As far as Suboxone and Methadone being an "exchange of one drug for another"---the "jury" is still out in my mind! But in my particular case, I'd consider, say Suboxone, because, with my depressive history, I might stand a better chance of it keeping the depression somewhat at bay. Fear of depression (even on antidepressants) is what's holding me back from a complete taper. I know it's lurking there, just waiting. So, I am in a complete quandary, myself!

But I am so glad that you have come this far--and after learning more about the various choices--you may know in your heart which seems best for you. Please let us know how your appt. goes today. (Michelle's been depressed because they have still not determined which stage this tumor in her uterous is in. It's a small growth...but they won't know for another two weeks...and then they may freeze it off. Anyway, that's why she's been real quiet on the board. I've been writing to her.)

wishing you a good appt! Lynn :-)

What did you do? did you go through with the Methadone. Been reading since January and curious with you're results.

A Friend :)
it has been about a month now that I have been on methadone.

It is working wonders.

I started with 8 a day
now I am on 5 a day, for 2 weeks,
then I am sure 4, 3, 2, then 1
then NONE.

Yes I do worry about when I take the very last meth.
But I will deal with it when it comes.

My dr. is pretty understanding, but the first few visits
I thought he was an ahole.

thanks for asking

Thanks for the encouragemnt; it means alot.

Wow what a story you have.....................that is so great that you are sober. I bet it was soooo HARD.

I am sticking with the methadone........You know, it is kinda hard, when you are used to taking 20+ a day; now down to 5 pills a day, methadone.
I have heard that it does not give you a buzz;
but, foretunately, with me, I DO feel a buzz.
My dr. is taking it slow with me;
and hopefully someday soon
I will not need any type of pills.

thanks for caring;
talk to you more later.
Julie - I had been wondering how you did with the Methadone. I'm so glad you followed up after that appointment...and helped start your recovery. Please keep writing and letting us know how the taper goes. You may have some questions about it, if you're finding it tough... and some of the "pros" on Methadone might be able to give you a kind. Good to hear from you! :-)

Lynn :-)
Hi BlueJulie,

I don't think you and I have ever "met" before, but I wanted to say HI and introduce myself and talk to you about the methadone program you are on, if you don't mind?

To make my long story short, I've been on opiates of some kind for over 20 years, along with a benzo my dr. prescribed for PTSD for about 15 years. I was up to about 15 + of the 10/325s a day, I was unemployed for over a year, had maxed out my credit cards getting the stuff online while juggling a couple of docs in town as well, and my life and my thoughts were consumed by these pills...it was ALL I ever thought about. I stressed so much over when, how and where the next month's pills would come from, and in order to not get "caught," I systematically pushed away all my friends and acquaintances so I could be alone with just my pills.

Anyway, after many failed attempts at c/t and tapering...no will power, absolutely couldn't do it, I went to a meth/sub clinic. After giving them my history and talking to a counselor about my drug-seeking behavior and how my world contained only two things...me and hydro...they put me on methadone in liquid form at 30 mgs. a day to start, and then increased it by 5 mgs. a day. At each "10th" I would stay there for 3 days or more to see if I was stabilized (a word I hear a lot and wasn't sure what it meant until now), so for example, at the 40 mgs level, then the 50 mgs, the 60, 70, 80, 90 and then until the 100 mgs., I would see how my w/ds and physical cravings were, and how I felt...kind of a waiting game until I felt normal. Finally it hit, I did feel normal...I would go to the clinic, take my dose, and not give either the meth or the hydros another thought! It has been wonderful to not think about pills all the time, I mean, I never even think about them anymore, so the burden of the pill-seeking was lifted and having that feeling gone was enough to bring the other good things into my life. I was finally able to do things without having to have a stash of pills in order to do it. Sleep came to me like that, and I'd never slept more than a few hours at a time here or there, and now I sleep 7 to 9 hours straight...the insomnia being gone is the next blessing as I was so sleep deprived all the time I was working the pill mill, that I was depressed and irritable. Now I have a job, my bills--although they aren't gone, I'm at least no longer adding hundreds of dollars a month to my debt, and I feel really good about this program. I don't get a buzz at the stablized point, and when I took a hydro recently for a headache, I didn't even feel it! So I know that the dose I'm on is my "stable dose," and it's 105 mgs. a day.

In reading your post, it sounds like you're taking it in pill form? Would you mind kind of clarifying your dosage and the length of time you've been on? Are you at the point of already tapering down? I know that point has to come, and the clinic doctor told me we couldn't deal with the tapering until we'd found the stable dose, so I am getting nervous. I've been on the meth for 6 weeks now, was stable at 100 for 10 days, but then started to have breakthrough w/ds again...mild though, like the insomnia and like the dose wasn't lasting the 24 hrs. it used to, so that's why he upped it. I have a feeling I will be on this for a long haul, and unfortunately not for the short time it would take if I could have taken the sub...I didn't do that because of the exorbitant cost (more than I shelled out in my addictive days) as the sub can't be done on a sliding pay scale like the meth can, so I pay $180/mth. where the sub would have been around $4-500/mth. Also I have the addt'l problem of wanting to get off the benzos I've been on so long, and I understand the benzos and sub aren't compatible. So on the meth, when I take my benzo, I get really tired and could nod off wherever I am, so I've now been able to cut down the benzos from 45 mgs/day to half that, which is an extra benefit of the meth for me also.

I seem to recall you from my days as a lurker here, as I watched and read from afar before I finally got the nerve to post here a few months ago on a night when I was feeling quite suicidal, so I hope you don't mind me asking you to tell me a little bit more about your meth plan and how it makes you feel...I will admit I felt a buzz the first week, and I was still adding to it with a couple hydros once in awhile, but when I hit my first stable dose at 60 mgs., and that lasted awhile, then I had to increase it, etc., but during that stable time, I never took another hydro again for 4 weeks...until last week when I blew it and took a few (while I was at 100 mgs.,) so that was a sign my stablizing had come undone and needed an adjustment, and with him increasing it to 105, that extra 5 mgs. a day has made a huge difference, and I find myself again no longer thinking about the past or the pills.

Thanks for anything you'd like to share with me, and good luck with the program : )

Dallas Alice

p.s. I do remember your relationship with Happy Father, and I recall how affected you were by his death. I was a lurker back then, but I was following it all from the sidelines. It is great to have his brother here to remind us of what we know we need to do yet need some extra push to get there. Captain Hydro, I'm so sorry you've had to go through what you did to get to where you are now...but congratulations for making good come out of the bad. Your sister-in-law and your nephews/nieces do need you, and I'm so happy for them that they have all of you--not the medicated you--to help them, to be with them, and to keep your brother and all that is good about him alive and well by your actions and interactions with the ones he left behind. I hope you all find the comfort and peace you so very much deserve. Sincerely, Dallas Alice