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To Banker and Goddessgrl


So good to hear from you, stranger. :nono: :D
Let me preface this next bit of info by saying that when the New York Times makes a story the leading story (in this case in their Science Section), it means that the story contains info that pertains to a wide group of people. Now, in a weird coincidence--considering you just wrote me about your "craving" and your lessening the Suboxone you take--the lead story in todays' New York Times Science Section, "New Ways to Lessen Addiction's Grip", by Anahad O'Connor, is all about Buprenorphine (Suboxone)!!

The story (which is available on the NYT site, if you register) explains how Suboxone works and is a wonderfully detailed analysis of the drug. "Cravings" are described as one of the worst causes of relapse. And, the author talks about how subtle changes to the brain, from opiates, can last longer than you might think--and these changes can result in the bad cravings. (All the stuff we talk about on this Board! But more detailed.)

Both you and Goddessgrl will find the article answers so many questions. Suboxone is seen as the first real help for painkiller addiction in 30 years. (A comparison with Methadone is also done.)

So....Banker....you musn't "toy" with your medication schedule...or those cravings will come right back. The article does say that it is easier to withdraw, eventually, from Suboxone than it is from Methadone. Both drugs work differently in the brain.

Please promise me you'll take what your'e prescribed--and at the right times of the day! You've always been such a life-saver to newcomers, telling those who could not stop drug taking by themselves, how Suboxone, saved your life. And...I have to tell you...that partly because of your enthusiasm (and Goddessgrl's) that Alice and I are now thinking very seriously about taking it ourselves. :) (I'll discuss that more when I have time.) So--we need you to be our Poster Girl!

You would not recognize Theo from the litle guy of three weeks ago. Although he still has to "heave" himself up, with the new leg still weak and the other leg now wobbly--he is moving around the house so much better now. He's still a little hesitant at first...I think he expects his leg to hurt....but each day now, he's moving more freely. It's such a relief. :bouncing:

Now, you just keep checking in, so I can keep track of you! Sounds like you're having TOO much fun! LOL!


Ah....my 'Yiddisha Mama"!!! LOL! :D It was so funny to suddenly see those Yiddish words! Here in New York they're used all the time...but this is the first time I've seen them on the Board!! Did you know that a book came out some years ago listing all the Yiddish words with their English equivalent? It was very funny, actually! I grew up hearing my older aunts use the Yiddish language with my mother, whenever they didn't want Alice and I to understand what they were saying!! So, of course, we caught on very quickly to all the "key" words. Some of them sound so "right" when you just can't think of an appropriate English one. One of my favorites was "schnorer". Know that one? I just liked the sound of it!

HOw in the world did you carry your 35 lb pug five blocks? I had to haul Theo in a wire shopping cart, when he couldn't walk...and he looked so funny. "King of the Kart". For some reason, he just hates Goldens, Labs and Vizla type dogs (it's so weird--he's so "breed specific")--and just as we left the vet a few weeks ago, he suddenly saw a Vizla--and lurched forward to have "a few words with it." Of course, he forgot he was behind "wire bars" in the cart! And he looked so frustrated--like a prisoner who hears his cell door clank shut. :D

Is your baby better now? How did she sprain a paw? And I hope she is soon over her colitis. I love when you go to the vet and there are all these people seated around you, holding and hugging their "babies", and everyone is telling you their "kid's" story!!! It's a real hoot checking out what kind of person is attracted to what kind of dog! The men walking in usually have dogs that come up at least as high as their waist!! :jester:

Gotta go now. lotsa love, Lynn