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Hi Sever-
I am a recovering H addict-and i can tell you some of the things that have helped me past/present..
I have a fairly long history myself-but in terms of opiate addiction-i spent about 8 yrs. on /off-w/ a 2 yr. break-i managed to get clean for 2 yrs..i did a home detox-w/ methadone-
Does she have access to methadone or suboxone(bupe)?
In australia-can drs. prescribe these meds-w/o having to sign off as a bonafide junky?
I ask-because coming off a 300-.00 a day habit is gonna be pretty nasty-w/o medication.
But-it is doable-and most w/d w/o serious health risk-but in a detox you can be supervised-
She would need someone to help her-the first day or so-
For natural/detox-immodium for diarehea/water/fluids-some valium/or benzos for anxiety-detox-(very helpful)-advil/motrin for aches/pains-also Clonidine(prescription)-can help alleviate w/d symptoms-
This is really a tough call- cos ive been thru several cold turkey detoxs-and its hellish-but for some-"feeling the pain"-can be the deterrant that keeps them from using again-for me-i needed the meds-i would get to day 3-and use again.
THe first 72 hrs-are the hardest-after that-its residual aches/pains-for another week-and the first month-is cravings/fluish/sneezes/and lethagy-a good multivitamin/healthy food-lots of fluids..
Heavy depression usually sets in after detox-and having support is key-i also suggest-either drug counseling/therapy-and/or AA/NA meeting for aftercare.
Its a process-and its one of the toughest things any person can go thru..
When is she planning to do this-can she take time from work-cos she needs at least a week of no responsibilities..
You/and other friends who can offer/help-support for her during this is key-
But instinctively-i really feel like in patient is best-with a big habit-the cravings are so intense its better to be in house-safe/medically supervised.
Just my take..
Hope this helps..
Blessed Be..
I am also a recovering Heroin addict. I agree with everything that Goddess says, she hit the nail on the head. I agree that it would be best to get into a treatment center, or detox facility to get over the initial physical w/d's. I tried home detox a number of times but, I seem to need a more structured enviroment. I live in Canada, and like your land we cannot be prescribed Methadone, unless we sign into a database, however these databases are not public knowledge they are to regulate the meds as they are highly addictive. I understand that it is not always the way to go, however having said that sometimes are secrets are hindering our ability to get clean. It sounds like your friend is not at that point that she wants to announce to the world that she is addicted, however It sounds like Australia is alot like Canada in the fight against addiction, in the fact, that sometimes we have to make a choice about how bad we want to get clean. To rid ourselves of the shame and guilt we feel over our addiction, for some, it is important that they are able to open up fully. Like Goddess I would suggest support groups where she can be in the compnay of other addicts that can best help her through her recovery process. Good luck with being support for your friend, you are a true friend. Blessed Be :)