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I must say that I have just went through a emotional experience that has caused me to have a change of heart about my views on Methadone. As some of you know, I am a great believer in the twelve step programs, part of those programs are to sponser newcomers into the program. It is a way to guide someone through there personal journey through recovery. It is a way of giving back. I have 4 sponsees at this time, two which are on a Methadone program. I recieved a phone call from one of my sponsees, Leah. She was crying, in total hysterics to the point I could not understand her. I quickly drove over to her apartment to find her on the floor in a total state of panic. She explained to me, that this young man who she had been seeing for a short time left this morning after spending the night and had took her Methadone. As some of you know, it is strictly regulated and she is unable to get more until Wednesday morning. I asked her if she was scared of withdrawals and if that is why she was so upset? She then began to tell me her story of addiction, which I will not repeat to respect her privacy, She said that she is scared of her addiction. She told me all the positive changes that she was able to do since she has been on Methadone, going back to school, getting her children back from child services,going to meetings, getting a new apartment after being homeless so on. I realized her fear was not of the physical withdrawals but, of losing the life she had put together by not using because of having Methadone to help her through what ever she may experience.I immediately thought of what I had posted on this board and what I have told people about my thoughts on Methadone. I must humbly take that back. Anything that could take this women out of the situation she was in and get her to where she is now, is a blessing. She is now in my home upstairs sleeping where she will remain until she can get her Methadone on Wednesday. I ask forgiveness from anyone that I may have offended, or hurt for there decision to use Methadone to help them through thier recovery. I am sorry, I am only human. My mind has been changed about this program. :)
Dear BCB,

With my deepest respect and with all my heart, I thank you for posting this story and for telling us about its effects on you. You did a wonderful thing by being the brutally honest person you consistently show everyone you are by making such a statement to tell us what happened to you and your sponsee today.

By stating your feelings previously on methadone, you were doing just that...stating your thoughts and feelings that undoubtedly came from years and years of what you see in your job and what you saw while you were an addict yourself. I will say, for me, it is great to hear you opening up to the idea of methadone as one way that may really work for some, I think it just can be looked at as one of the many different ways to get out of addiction...and as everyone is different (and only human themselves); therefore, so will their plan be when deciding to get off their drug of choice.

I so wish there was one affordable, reliable, quick and easy way to stop using drugs--of all kinds, but in my own preparation for my plan and finding a pathway towards my goal of being drug free, I learned a ton of information--more than I could even digest! But bottom line, of course, is that there just isn't any easy road out. Sure some are more affordable than others, all seem to have different levels of success and relapse, but in the end, ALL the ways I considered are so dang hard!

And a lot has to do with the individual addict's peronality, too. You are so strong and you were able to use your strength to go the no-other-drugs way; I am not that strong, and I knew I would have to have the aid of something...cold turkey and tapering were written off the options list right away...so many failing attempts at that, and then I'd come back to the pills with a vengeance! I was going to show myself, I guess, because I wasn't showing anyone else. So with each failed try at c/t or "taking them as prescribed," I'd do an even more dangerous thing to myself by binging incredibly! I don't understand it, but I hope to someday...

You not only did a wonderful thing for your sponsee today, but you did a wonderful thing for yourself and for this board's members...especially those who sincerely value your opinions and thoughts on addiction and recovery given your own drug history, your attempts at quitting...just your life experiences in general along with what you see everyday when you go to your job.

I so appreciate your post that I'll probably try to find some time to write the board about my "stealth recovery plan!" Gee, wonder what it is...LOL! And BCB, we are all only human, and as hard as it is to just post on here that first time that each of us did when we said "I am addicted to [fill in the blank]," I imagine making this post was equally difficult, and as always, you said what you wanted and/or needed to say in an empathetic, sincere, heartfelt and warm way, and I know you only have added to the level of respect and care we all feel for you here.

You know whats really cool???You had a revelation!I like when that happens-cos you've discovered something really important about yourself-that you can learn and change-that judgements/attitudes can be broken down-
I can understand peoples attitudes toward replacement therapys-it appears like its substitution-but for an addict that can find no peace-or sobriety after countless attempts..at kicking drugs-can stop the pure insanity/chaos-of being active.
This is a god-send!
Thats why so many people get on here-expound on the joys of suboxone-or methadone-finally-a breakthrough..im happy to hear you have a new understanding about this...because..
One of the issues i have w/ AA/NA is the intolerance of people who use medications-they are not considered sober.
I can tell you many people i know that particpate in AA/NA that are on either meth/sub-will not divulge the fact they take either or antidepressants/or benzos.
There are now some dual diagnosis meetings that are popping up for those on these meds-where they are tolerated-and can be welcomed fully into the program.
I understand the nesscesity of being strict about the no-drug policy-due to the tennants of the program-but for those who seek support but use meds-there is that feeling that permeates.."im not really clean"..
I don't agree..If a person is not using drugs/alcohol-to get high-but needs meds to either remain clean/or for depression...and seeks the support and needs the structure of the 12 steps-they should be accepted fully-
I understand the "other side"-where do you draw the line?What makes one med acceptable-and another not?Now devils advocate..-and i think it does depend on the group-
There was a guy that had back surgery-in a local AA group-he was an alcoholic/addict-for years in and out of the program-He was taking percs/oxys-
He also was chairing meetings!He also became addicted-(immediately)..and was going off!
This pissed me off-..Heres this person-literally buzzed out of his mind-telling this room full of people-in all stages of getting sober-about how to stay sober..
HA!!!What an a**-that doesn't fly..
So-its a fine line-
All should be welcome-and i know there are many who want out but still active that are hoping for that-"revelation"-going to meetings high-etc..
Hoping they'll get it-and the message-and stop using.
Im not putting down AA-
It has helped so many people i know-its incrediable-these steps to getting clean-are proven by the success of the participants-
I always suggest AA/NA to anyone trying to get clean-ive been inspired by so many people who have got excellent recovery in there.
I guess open mindedness-and being non-judgemental-is another step in personal growth-as people we all can try-but still making judgements is inate part of our beings..we learn by personal experience-changing attitudes is a huge part of recovering-and just becoming more enlightened..
Ok im rambling..ill stop..
You are so kind to take this woman into your home to help her-shes not going to be feeling well-in fact shes probably going to be very sick-
Wednesday???Good Lord-that is horrible that man stole her meds-
I know of a couple that locks there" take homes" in a safe-under there bed-for the same reason-
Maybe the clinic will help her-if you called-as her councelor-most clinics are very strict tho-
Oh boy-shes gonna have to lose some of her old pals-its awful.
You are awesome BC-
Goddess Bless