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I would be very cautious using the buprenorphine with out a drs order, and I believe that Bup is only Rx'd in sublingual and injectable form as it does not digest well. I would check furter into that. As far as the ultram goes I was able to keep withdraw at bay with taking 3 three times a day but at the end of it all withdraw was certian. I really hope you consider prof. help, perhaps a maint. drug like sub or methadone if your a chronic relapser. I don't remember if you have said but does your girlfriend know about your addiction? If not confiding in her and having her support can be very comforting. Be strong and sometimes what we thing are wise choices are just our addictions talking, its voice is loud and powerfull but if you are ready you can block it out.
I would love to go see a doctor about getting on Subutex, but there is only one doctor in the area that is certified to prescribe it and he charges $400 for the initial visit plus $100 every week at his mandatory meetings so that you can get your script refilled. I can't afford that. I'm a college student. The only reason I'm able to afford what I get now is that the person I get them from does not really know what they are worth. I would like to confide in my girlfriend and I likely will soon. Another issue about the Sub doc is that he has a waiting list that is almost 6 months long. How the @#$% are they supposed to help people with crap like that. It makes me angry. So, I do know that there is a methadone clinic here in Baton Rouge. Someone please tell me about Methadone clinics as I have NO knowledge about such. Does it cost a lot? How often do you have to visit? How is help only available to those that have money while the rest of us suffer? Thanks for the posts. If someone can tell me about the Methadone clinics before I leave, then I may go there the day that I get back. Thanks again.