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Hi, Gang,

:bouncing: IMPORTANT SUBOXONE INFO :bouncing:

from the Science Times Section of the New York Times, Tuesday, August 3, 2004, written by Anahad O'Conner, page F1, titled "New Way to Loosen Addiction's Grip."

To view a New York Times article, you must first register with them, which I believe is free...and easy to do. Just call up the New York Times website. (Search Google or Yahoo.)

Anyone on Buprenorphine (AKA Suboxone) (article gives details on Methadone, as well), or considering it, should try to call up this aritcle and read its detailed analysis of Suboxone...and how and why it's become the first new treatment for pain pill addicts in 30 years!

Using diagrams of the brain, charts showing the history of drug use, interviews with doctors, explaining how it was developed, how it differs from Methadone, etc, etc. ---it answers questions that I have seen over and over on this Board. (And questions I have had myself.)

Some facts I gleaned from it: even after stopping pain pills, for a week or a month or a year, the subtle changes that have been made to the brain at the molecular level, can still suddenly cause the dreaded "cravings" --and this is why so many people relapse. In fact, it is at the point when the brain actually changes,--when taking pills for "fun" changes to full-addiction. One sentence reads "Brain cells that are repeatedly assaulted by addictive drugs change shape. The brain's reward pathway..........is hijacked. The urge to get high is insatiable." And, "After repeated bombardment by drugs, the system loses sensitivity to more natural rewards." (When you actually read the above statements yourself, you'll find tons more info. written than I've just highlighted.)

I know that many of us have already read some of the information above....but you will find details and depth here, that I haven't seen elsewhere. (Except for scientific websites. But they don't answer our more common questions.)

80,000 prescriptions for suboxone were written by doctors last year ....and they say that rate will soar this year as people learn about the drug. (Actually, I suspect, for example, that people like myself will come crawling out of the woodwork, when they learn there is a solution that might by-pass the terrible clinical depression I'm attacked by, each time I try to taper more. I know that others have that same fear.)

There's so much good stuff in the article that I just can't emphasize enough that you should try to read it. Those who already take Suboxone will be reassured.....and those, like myself, who feel helplessly caught by their addictions, will feel real hope for the first time. (And I thank all of you...like Banker, Goddessgrl, Sammi (I believe you take it?), etc. who first made me aware of Suboxone as a possibility.) Although I'm not certain "when and where" for myself yet....this is the most hope I've felt about my situation in so long.

Hope everyone's day is a happy one. :)