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I am hopefully not stepping on anyones toes here...However, for what it
is worth I am in total agreement with how Michelle posted and your post
Michelle to me at least was very caring and thoughtful....Diva I am glad
the sub is workng for you and so many others...What I do want to say
for what it is worth is I have been involved in the implementation ,
documentation and facilitation of sub programs,etc in reference to my
medical occupation and Michelle you speak words of wisdom....it has
and will continue to grow as a huge pot of gold for many unprofessional
health entities,docs,etc...I have seen it first hand unfortunately...However,
I am in no way knocking the virtues of sub,methadone,etc..I am quite
familiar with the clinical pharmacology,pharmacokinetics and clinical
studies...I just wanted to say I felt Michelle was not understood and quite
caring in her posts as usual....

Chris...I agree with you. I have read numerous of posts where Michelle was very supportive of the use of suboxone, Methadone or anything else that will help you become clean. I, too, was almost going to stop my helping of others on this board as I once voiced my PERSONAL OPINION about a drug substitute and felt very attacked. I said in response I do not have to agree with your choice of recovery to support you. I have been addicted for 28 and some years and have tried ALL WAYS to get clean, I found for me, I needed to bite the bullet and get it done. I now live free from all drugs...... I recently changed my mind about the use of Methadone, and suboxone due to a personal experience however, I think that people should become educated before they do any drug, as I was in the medical porfession for years, I will say that there is a lot of caring wonderful people in the field but, the health field is a multi-billion dollar BUSINESS.
I agree with Twinlyn....let it go. Recovery is about sharing one's own experience whether it be positive or negative. If one shares about thier negative experience with a certain recovery program, someone should post thier positive experience. I did not agree with taking Methadone, and I post my opinion about that, I would then encourage people that had positive experiences to post thier experiences to give people a choice. It is our responsibility as one addict trying to help another addict, to be honest about our experiences. Pilldiva, please post your positive experiences about your recovery with Suboxone. It will help people make a decision about if they would be right for that particular program. We can not expect everyone to agree with our methods of getting clean, and we can not look down on others because they do not agree. We can only share our personal experiences whether they be good or bad. :)