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I came to the point in my addiction that I had to enter detox, so I gave up my confidentiality. I felt for me it was best to out myself, so to speak. I lost my nursing liscence. I did have the choice to reapply after my treatment however, my life turned a different way, so I have no urge to go back into the medical field. I do go to meetings with a number of other nurses I use to work with ( lots of addiction in that profession) and they have never had a problem with keeping thier anonymity and confidentiality. In fact, one women that I go to meetings with fired me from a position an number of years ago, for missing too many days. We had a good laugh about it. My sponsee and now my friend who had her Methadone taken is doing well. She stuck it out, as we have government run health care here, she was not able to get anymore until the day on her chart. She was very brave and she is now at home doing well. I enjoyed her company as I live a lone with my animals so, we had a little pajama party, with Cheesecake, candy corn and Pop. We wanted to make it a enjoyable time, instead of dwelling on her sickness. She did have a hard time I am sure but, she was a trooper. I now have graduated her from sponsee to friend as having her stay with me formed a bond between us of friendship so, she has decided to find another sponsor, as they suggest you do not sponsor friends.