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You have to be well by tuesday???Well..you got a couple options-try to get some methadone-or suboxone-you could kick cold turkey-but no way alone/w-young kids around..it'll be way too difficult-
Where is your husband?Does he use?
I was a heroin addict for several years-last year-i went on suboxone treatment-you can find a dr. in your area-by searching-suboxone-
Suboxone is similar to methadone-except the withdrawal from sub is supposedly easier to come off-and you can get it from your doctor(no clinic/lines-etc.)-theres no high-and you can't get high when you are on it-it binds to the receptors-in your brain-so no point in using it doesn't work..
Have you ever kicked before???
How long/how much are you using??
A little more info-maybe i can help...
Suboxone has saved several people on this board-from active addiction-it gives the addict a chance to pull there life together-minus the severe depression/cravings..
Do you have health insurance?
Is your husband around on the weekends?
Sorry for all the questions-but i need to know a little more..
Your not alone-there is a way out-ill do what ever i can to help you-figure out your options-i know it is a scary situation-but to kick..you gotta face your fears-you got the power..
You do not sound whiny....you sound like any addict that is scared, and is wanting to get clean, but likes the high. I reread my post and it did sound a little mean, although that isn't how I meant it. I meant to say with the obstacles in place, that you have, how can we do this. I would have to agree with goddess, you need to find a Dr. to give you something to help you get over this( never thought I would ever suggest that..lol..if you want read my post "Methadone..change of heart" to make sense of this statement.) You say that it will take three days to detox of Heroin, I found that my day three was when the w/d's really kicked in. I felt good first, and secound day but third day was hurting, day four better, and day five ok. You are lucky if you are feeling good at Day three. One of the reasons I think I used for so long was I wanted to quit because it was getting harder to use "successfully" however I still liked the feeling. I had to get to the place where my life was so bad that I started to hate the drug, the feeling everything. The feeling was gone with the Heroin, I only used that to stop from w/ding. I used cocaine for the high and when I finally had enough I hated that feeling with a passion. :)
I know I can't do it at home alone, i wouldn't put the kids through that. There is a very long waiting list for a methadone program, and the nearest one is an hour and a half away, but I don't want to be on it. My husband uses occasionally, and has never had any addiction issues. I'm trying to use just enough to stay well, and taper off slowly. I don't want to be sick when my grandmother is here, but I don't want to be on it for three more weeks. Right now I've only been using for about four months, and I've only been strung out for about a month. I need about a quarter gram a day to stay well, alot more to feel it. My husband is very supportive, but is on a tight deadline to complete several jobs. He's a contractor and only this past year has been getting his own jobs and doing well, there's no way he can take time off for me to check myself in until next month. But you know that addictive personality. I want what I want when i want it, and I want to be clean NOW. I don't want to wait.

Is it common for treatment facilities to prescribe suboxone on an outpatient basis? We're in a very small, uptight town, and I have state medicaid, not real health insurance, so I'm limited as far as who will accept it. I've kicked before using hydrocodone, darvocet, ect... to take the edge off and xanax to help me sleep, and this time I haven't been on it for very long, so it shouldn't be that bad. Well, my husband is behind me saying, "well I hope you didn't use my name in there..." so I guess I better stop writing. Thanks.