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I started taking Wellbutrin XL 300mg. once daily....on March 17 of this Year. I began taking it after all of my other futile attempts at getting & staying "clean"....

I knew that I had to try something, because I was making a serious attempt at getting clean from the opiate/narcotics of all sorts, wether it be pills, or the real great high for me, which I had the most trouble getting away from , was the Hydrocodone type Cough Rx's....such as Tussionex and Histussin HC. Anyway, I had tried everything from Suboxone to Methadone.....and when I got really sick from the Methadone, then I knew that I had to give "abstinence" a real shot.....so I did. Only 3 days after I stopped the methadone, is when I got an Rx for the Wellbutrin. I started taking it right away. To be honest, I thought I had really noticed a difference right away, in my mood, and feelings, etc. It seemed, however, that only after like 1 or 2 weeks, then I noticed the "depression" again...so I had an increase in my Wellbtrin....anyway, to make a long story short, I have been on the Wellbutrin for 5 months now, since this August. I did stop taking it last week, for a couple of different reasons. #1. I have been wondering if it is making me itch really bad with dry skin.....so bad to the point where it is driving me crazy....I stopped taking it, and it seems like I have stopped itching. #2. I noticed that it seemed like it was not really helping with depression and the symptoms of my depression, anymore...#3. I dont believe it really helped w/ my addiction. The plus side of Wellbutrin however is, it does not have sexual side effects....it does not affect orgasms the way some others do.....so that part is good, and also, it did help with me losing some weight. I guess everyone is different. I wish I could stay on it, but I just felt the need to see if I felt better w/out it.
PS. good luck with your trying it. :)
hi fish you said you have taken them all at max doses dont that seem like opiates . you know increase your dose when it becomes inaffective then change drugs to find what works.and also having to take a/d,s to stave off w/d,s.I was a herion addict for 10 years and went through countless w/d,s i,m well aware of the horrors of opiate withdrawl.my whole deal is to be clean from all drugs expecaily the ones you become dependent too. I can say for myself my depression was caused by drug adiction once I got clean from methadone the depression was much more managable.i got love for all trying to kick.it can be done .Andy