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My friend told me that she has a Dr that prescribes Methadone for Addicts. :eek: She said He had to apply for a federal exemption to be able to do it. She also said there are other Drs in the area that are waiting on approval. Has anyone else heard of this? :confused: This would be wonderful if it is indeed true. I did a search on it and found information that backed this up, however I found nothing that said when it was passed or went into effect. I am and addict with chronic pain and I take Suboxone 24 mg daily. I have heard that Methadone provides much better pain relief and it would really be wonderfull if this is true...........
Wishful thinking?????? :nono:
Hey Formy I hope tonight finds you well and at peace...I will try and give you
some info maybe it will help you out if you talk with your doc...Yes the
office prescribing of methadone is growing in popularity - quite honestly
a lot of clinical studies have shown superior relief using methadone to treat
nerve pain as opposed to other opiods and Neurontin and Topamax,etc...
Methadone has a long half life and thus one needs a knowledgeable doc
when starting out the dose and the titrations that will follow..It is available
in 5 and 10 mg tablets at most pharmacies..however one word of caution..
there are two manufacturers-Roxanne( brand methadone ) and generic
Mallincroft (methadose)..if you do start on it try and keep to the same
manufacturer and dont let the pharmacy switch you back and forth as
the difference in bioavailability between the two can cause W/D sx in
some people even keeping at the same dose...As to your other question
there are very strict state and fed laws governing the outpatient use of
methadone ( special licensing of docs and outpatient pharmacies ) when
used for detox or maintenance as opposed to just treating pain with it...
so it gets tricky....I hope this helped you with some more info to discuss
with your doc and I am wishing you the best.....