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My OB and my PM Dr are aware that I am on the meds. My OB ran a methadone clinic for 10 years and is head of Peri-Natal at the Hospital in DC, where I live. They know the baby will be born addicted and have planned for it. However, they DON'T know that I used to many pills this month (and last) and my husband is all the way in California. I feel I have nowhere to turn. Your post made me feel a little better. I am feeling so horrible right now that I am starting to think that reaching out cannot feel much worse. But, I am afraid of losing so much. This is torture. I don't know what to do. Thanks Michelle. I wish you were here.
That is correct, you should not go through withdrawls when you are pregnant. I would suggest finding a Methadone clinic. It is usually an outpatient detox. It is a great program. I have seen many healthy babies that are born while a mother is on Methadone....