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Good for you, the biggest part of getting of the med wagon is determining in your mind that you need to quit to lead a healthy life.

After a failed back surgery I was taking vicodin, neurotin, percocet, and methadone. I felt so crappy that I worked hard just to get down to taking Vicodin. I am a police officer and I never had respect for addicts, I sort of thought of it as a weak personality trait, that is until I became dependent on pain meds myself.

Getting off of Vicodin can be very very challenging. My wife is a doctor and she had explained that in her experience tapering was the most effective. She is adamant that it was just her experience and not a fact and that everyone is different.

Anyway, 10-15 Percent decrease worked well for me. The good thing about Vicodin is that you can cut the tablets. instead of two tabs, take two halfs througout the day, then 1/4, 1/8...etc.

I quit cold turkey with the other meds and it screwed up my stomach, blood pressure, everything. Tapering for me seemed healthier, but was still a very big challenge.
Realistically, you can begin tapering, and if you feel good after dropping gradually, cut it cold.

Good luck.