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Well, here is it day 4 or 5 - I've lost track. Here it is another night of the heebie jeebies and no sleep. I only took 1/2 a lortab and 2 mgs Xanax and her I am up at 1 am after my normal 2 hours sleep. Unable to lay there and flailing around like a total spazz. I'd rather be a complete zombie from sleep deprivation than go through that.

My ex gave me some methadone. He told me it would not interfere with the wd process because it binds to different receptors. That it would just take away the symptoms and allow me to sleep and function. That it has a long half life and would even last into tomorrow and I would feel normal.

That sounds so wonderful. But as you can see, I didn't take it. Did the half a tab instead which was essentially like taking nothing.

Is this true? I'm still remembering "It takes at least a year to become addicted," so no way am I trusting any more advice from this man.

And I'm just too fuzzed out to google this and wade through 60 detox center advertisements to find anything of substance.

Sorry if it's rude. But I am hanging by a thread here right about now.

This is not getting better. I thought it would at least improve a little by now. Another sleepless night. More and harder cravings. All the physical stuff.

I only took 1/2 a Lortab last night and 2 mgs of Xanax. And I am playing with fire with the benzo ****. I can't keep doing that. Besides, I didn't even feel it although I slept for one hour. Now, I know from experience when I have occassionally popped a benzo for insomnia that my tolerance has dropped way down after not using for so long. Normally, 2 mgs of Xanax would be like hitting me with a hammer. But with this wd I feel like I just ate M&Ms.

I called my doctor yesterday and asked for something for the naseau, diarrhea, vomitting, etc. Her nurse called back at 4. She has to see me first. Well, guess what? No appointments. Go to emergent care.

Today I'm calling my insurance co. and getting precertified to go to the ER. It's a huge national company and they are probably going to be pretty surprised to hear there are no detoxes and this is the only option so it's iffy if I'll get it.

If I could just get rid of one symptom, even a minor one, I'd feel like I'm going to make it.

This just goes on and on and a minute is an hour and an hour is a day.

OK, venting finished. So anybody know anything about the methadone. Guess I can ask at the ER, but I have as much faith in the doctor's knowledge as I do in my junkie friends.

I don't know about the methadone, but I wanted to tell you that from my experiences, taking ANY opiate during detox only prolonged the detox. Once, I took one vicodin on day 3, and the withdrawals didn't start getting better until about day 7. Another time, I let the ER give me a morphine injection on day 3, and same thing. The last time, I didn't take any opiates, and the withdrawals started getting better closer to day 4. Everyone is different, I know, but that was my experience.

I know it seems like it will never end, but you know that it will. Try to keep focused on positives and not on how you feel right now. Try this...I know it sounds silly, but write down all the reasons that you are going through this, all the reasons you want to be off this junk. Post your list here if you want! Seeing it in black and white can sometimes make a real difference in your attitude, which will really help the withdrawals seem a little more tolerable.

Just hang in there...please don't give up...YOU CAN DO THIS!!! :)
Ok heres my take..if you can get some methadone i can give you a detox plan-to wean you off the opiates you are on-based on my own methadone home detox-that worked well-(same as they do-in the hospital).
Once you are done-you will be off all opiates-it takes approx-5 days-you will need a total of 100-150 mgs. of methadone-(the more the better)-by the last day you take 10 mgs-and step off.
You won't feel great afterwards-but you won't suffer during-basically-you'll be doing a home detox-so you will have the risidual-lethargy/aches but no spazzing..
Let me know if i can help-it works-its safe-its what they do inpatient at the detox i went to..
Good luck-honey..
Brenda -

Since there are no methadone people coming on board yet, today, let me just say the little I know about it, before I go offline here.

---Methadone is taken daily (like Suboxone) to stop the withdrawal symptoms
--It is, I believe a synthetic form of opiate that stops the need for drugs.
--It is given out very carefully, as a program that is carefully monitored.
--A majority of those who take it, must go to a clinic each morning for their daily
dose -- although in certain cases it may be prescribed for use at home.
--You become "addicted" to the Methadone--but you no longer have to seek out any other drugs thru doctors, on the streets, etc. (You'll hear a lot of debating on the adviseability of substituting one drug for another.)
--It can be difficult to withdraw from, when you want to get off it.
--the advantages are that you feel "normal"--no highs or lows, no drug seeking--none of what you experience on other opiates. (I have not heard of methadone for benzos.)
--I have not heard of people just "taking a few"--although I'm sure this happens. But...your withdrawal symptoms will start up again as soon as you stop taking it.

You need to go into a Methodone program, if you decide to use it as a treatment plan.

I know that others who are familiar with and have taken methadone will fill you in here. I really know nothing....but just wanted to help with some basic facts, until you hear from others with more knowledge.

Sorry you are feeling so lousy....and hope each day gets better for you. Lynn
So what you're saying Christin is that by taking the Lortab at night I am actually making this last longer? Even that small amount and as short acting as it is? Well, Godalmighty, I don't want to do that!!

I was told - wrong again - it wouldn't make any difference. Just help me get a few hours sleep. Which it does do. But it wears off fast. That's why I figured it really wasn't hurting anything.

Ggrl, I only have about 5 mgs of methadone and really no way or money to get more. I'll make a pitch today at the ER but it is highly doubtful that one will fly.

There's a methadone clinic 70 miles away. Obviously I can't drive that far like this. Plus it's for maintenance. You go every day and get your dose. It would take me a few days to accumulate enough.

So no opiates at all. Gotcha.

Any thoughts on what to ask for at the ER? I was thinking something for the vomitting/diarrhea and muscle aches. I'd probably be able to get some benzos. They don't usually think they're a bad drug. And btw, why aren't they working?

I'm actually just dreaming here. They're probably going to treat me like I'm pond scum and tell me too bad - suffer.

Hang in there....It is when you are at your worse that it usually starts to feel better. I will say that Methadone at that small amount probably won't do much for you, at the point you are now. I know that you just want some relief from what you are going through, however are you on a tapering plan designed by your physician, or are you just deciding to come off by yourself? There is no quick fix for coming off drugs, I think that unless it is done slowly, you are going experience discomfort. I can only offer you some moral support, and be your cheerleader by telling you to hang in there.......God Bless :angel:
Hi Brenda:

So sorry you are having a rough time of it....but it IS normal to have all the wd symptoms that you are describing. I am like you, those dreadful muscle spasms in the legs are awful!! I found that I couldn't just lie still, I would literally have to get on the floor on all 4's and "rock" myself. My nights were the worst too....insomnia can really start to play some tricks on us, try to hang in there.

Okay...as far as your question about the methadone....I am on methadone and have been for a while now. It has changed my life of addiction and habitual relapse. I do not claim to be an expert, I can only offer my own personal experience with it. I have not heard of using the methadone how you are talking about. When starting methadone, you should be in the process of withdrawing off the opiates. Methadone is not effective for benzo addiction...so the fact that you are taking benzo's may change the way the methadone works for you. Also....you really need to be under medical supervision when taking methadone...I know, I know.....you want to do this on your own...but you can see how difficult it can be. You said there were "NO Rehabs" in your area???? Not sure what you mean by this, I'm sure there is a hospital SOMEWHERE in your area, and many hospitals have detox programs. That's not to say that you won't need to continue with a recovery plan after you have detoxed.....such as meetings, counseling, etc.

I don't know why us addicts are SO reluctant to ask for help. I was the same way...too proud? Who knows. For me, I think it was more of a case of "Oh, what will people say about me?" But you know.....when we're using, we aren't the most logical people. It is difficult to find the humility to reach out for help, but in the end, that is exactly what will be your saving grace. Being humble is admirable....being stubborn is not. I waited too long to ask for help and ended up in a situation that I can never take back. If only I had that one last chance to just step up to the plate and ask for help, I could have avoided the painful ordeal I put my family through. I was worried what people would think of me if I would have gone to rehab to get my life in order for the sake of myself and my family??? Well.....now I can worry what people will think of me now that I have a criminal (felony) record for life. Hmmm......doesn't sound like much of a dilemma anymore. But I messed up, I thought I could handle it all....I was SO wrong. PLEASE....PLEASE....PLEASE...take this opportunity and ask for some help! Get on the phone and make some calls....and no...I don't believe that there's "nothing" in your area to help you. Do you want to ever go this crap again? You have started to detox....now keep it going...but with some guidance. It will be the best and MOST IMPORTANT phone call you've ever make. You said there were some meetings in your area (I think?) call them and ask where some people went to find help with detox/recovery. JUST DO IT. You will not regret it......if you don't, you may be battling these wd's for a long, long time. I am not trying to make you mad...just trying to make you see things a different way. PLEASE consider it. Fondly ~ Jen
Back from the hospital. And I had to stop at the grocery store and pharmacy and drop off scripts. I was so exhausted. Then I immediately start vomitting again. What???? I haven't eaten anything in days. Just the water I drank.

I went over and begged my ex to pick up my scripts and he did. One is for 10 10 mgs of Ambien and one for something called phenagran which has knocked me on my a** but really not dented the naseau. It says to take up to three times a day until it works so maybe needs time? I will be sleeping. That's for sure. And I apologise in advance for typos, etc. Got some kind of shaky hand thing going now too.

I'd like to describe my experience at the hospital. I know we're not to reveal our real locations so I will just say it's in the vicinity of southern WV in Appalachia. The addiction rate here is astromomical. The attitude is not friendly or understanding toward the addict.

As a matter of fact, I did a photo essay on addiction here that did quite well. Strange how things turn out isn't it? I actually predicted and choreographed my future. Some Higher Power at work, there? I'm going to print a big 8 x 10 of one of the photos and hang it in a prominent place when I'm strong enough to run the printer. That gives you an idea of how debiltated I am right now. I really have no strenght left and I prepared literally to die this afternoon. I really thought I was going to. I mean how can someone go this long with no food??

Sorry little digression.

Ok, I check in the ER. I called first and asked if I could come in for narcotic withdrawl symptoms. Sure, I was told.

The receptionist/RN takes my history and BP. Normal BP for me is 90/60. Mine is now 160/135. I freak. She says it's okay given my normally low pressure and will come down in a day or two.

She then tells me that I look pretty good and that I've done the worst at home on my own. I stare at her and say "Well I sure as hell don't feel too damn good." She just laughs and says "People are usually here on day two. Think how you looked on day two." Well, good point. On day two I couldn't leave my porcelain friend for long enough to go to the hospital.

She finishes up and makes a call. "I have a 51 year old female on day 5 of morphine detox at home and stable. Do you want her in the ER or Express Care?"

Off I go to Express Care where I'm put in a room with some kind of weird recliner and no lights. I notice a sign on the wall. "Physicians at (Name of Hospital) will not prescribe Oxycontin, Lortabs or any other narcotic..." Someone with a sense of humor has crossed out the not with a magic marker.

I'm there maybe 40 minutes and finally the doctor rushes in, flicks on the light and is immediately in my face. He's an older black gentleman although at the time I figured he was my age.

"What is this mess. I can't make sense of this. Something about no MSContin for 5 days. What is wrong with you?" And everytime I'd try to explain he'd just start all over, "I can't understand what this nurse wrote. What's wrong with you?" So I finally ended up screaming "Not MSContin. Morphine IR. Morphine. Morphine."

He calms down a little. "I'm just trying to get the facts, that's all." Then he quizzes me on my symptoms and does a physical exam.

He asks me why I was taking it. I blurt out the only thing that pops into my head. "I was self medicating." Well, it was true at first.

He started shaking his head and rolling his eyes and saying "I like that. Mmmhmmm. Self medicating. Now that's a good one. Self medicating." He repeated it so many times I was about to go for his throat.

I realized later it was all just a psychological ploy to get me fighting mad to stick this out. It worked. I was about ready to punch him even if I was too weak to do any damage.

Finally, he gave me the scripts and told me to go to AA instead of NA because NA was more younger people and a drug is a drug. And work the program and maybe I would make it. I probably wouldn't since the odds were against it but who knew, maybe I'd be one of the ones who did.

I said "I really am too old for this." And he mentioned his age which was 64. "Damn, you look good." His parting shot was "I take care of myself."

So there you have the story of how addiction is dealt with here in this little place where it's so problematic. Is it effective? Who knows? No one keeps records. There are no detoxes and the nearest methadone clinic is 70 miles away. They may have some data there.

The bottom line is when you're a junkie, people here just want you to go away.

I'm just hanging in there til I can take the next dose of phenagran which is still hours away. I am so sick.

Treatment centers I called all warned against methadone. In my opinion, you become a slave to it. What if you wanted to go away for the week or long weekend? How would you be able to go far away from the clinic you visit each morning? Not to mention standing in a line full of junkies "Jonesin". You do get addicted to the methadone but Suboxone is non addicting and in my opinion, a much better alternative.

Do your homework. Find a doctor who can prescribe Suboxone and talk to him/her. I get a prescription for a thirty day supply now so I am free to move about without having to go to the clinic everyday.

Be honest with the doctor who prescibes it as there are differing doses depending on several things, one being the amount you were using. They have to find the effective dose for you. I started at one dose, while my friend who did this with me (as he needed to) maintains at a lower dose. I know that I was in DT's pretty bad when I picked the prescription up. By time I got out of the pharmacy parking lot and the pill finished disolving under my toungue (all of about 60 seconds), the withdrawals stopped immediately.

I have continued on with the suboxone program and have been clean 90 days now. Good luck. You can do the same.
Good morning, Brenda...and I hope it's a little better today than it was yesterday.

Your experience at the ER was pretty disturbing. Seems to me, though, that the DOCTOR needed treatment more than YOU did! Like...an immediate tansfer over to the psych. ward!!! What a headcase!!! LOL! :-) Yes, ER trips can truly be "trips" within themselves! Sorry you went thru all that and hope the Rx eased the nausea. It is hard to think of anything when your stomach is convulsing. If you can get any sleep today....please try to get it.

You'd think that if your area of the country had a fair amount of addiction, then they would SPECIALIZE in treating it locally. But...don't get me started on our healthcare system!!! :-) 70 miles for Methadone? That's outrageous!!

I know that right now you are standing in the middle of a bottomless, black pit.....but with each passing day, you ARE climbing out of it. And in the meantime, just grab hold of all the hands on this board--here to help pull you out!

We are all thining of you, xxxx Lynn xxx
I think i misunderstood your post-did you say you were coming off opiates or benzos?
Methadone won't help w/ benzos-you must be very careful detoxing from benzodiapines-
I would go to the ER and get checked out-maybe they will admit you if they have a detox/psych unit-till you are stabilised..
Please be very careful-tapering is the safest detox for benzos-or under a dr/detox care..
Goddess Bless
GGrl65 :angel:
I was vomitting nonstop and the medication did nothing. He even called in a suppository form but it didn't work. Then I got this horrible pain in my chest and truly got scared. I am 50 years old.

They took me right in the ER. Brought me a heated blanket cause I was shaking so bad. All very nice and sweet. In my room every five minutes to check on me and see if I needed anything.

And this is considering the fact I puked all over everything including my wallet. So it wasn't like I was a real fun patient. I kept apologising and they just would say don't worry about it, we deal with it all the time, it's our job.

I was laying in vomit. I didn't care. I never thought I'd be this low.

Finally they gave me clonodine after running a lot of tests and xrays and EKGs. It was like a miracle. I relaxed. The nauseau stopped. My BP dropped to 90/40.

They kept me to check the BP and make sure I was stable.

When I got home, the freaking clonodine wore off. Another night of endless vomiting and crawling around the bed. At one point, I fell asleep in the tub but that was the only sleep I got.

One of the nurses told me that by taking the Lortabs I had just reestablished the addiction and I'm not really on Day 7 but Day 2. He also told me I would have to just tough it out because unfortunately there are no detoxes and they don't do them at this hospital.

So how long can I go without food or sleep? I'm so weak now, I barely made it in here to type this. I want to go back to the hospital. They told me I could come back and get more clonodine. But my ex refuses to drive me. Says I have to do it this way because everyone does. And I really can't drive now.

On a funny note, on the way out I passed two people vomitting and begging for drugs in the ER cubicles and one in the waiting room puking in a trash basket, screaming "Give me something." Think it's a little bit of a problem here?

I felt for them. If I do survive this, I am going to make it my personal mission to get a detox and a methadone clinic in this county. I will go to Charleston and I will visit Bob Wise or whoever I have to talk as many times as it takes until they are so sick of me they want to run when they see me.

Brenda I was addicted to pain pills started with hydrocodone and percocet.....then moved onto roxicodone.....then methadone........i was taking any pain pills i could get by the time i went into re hab. Methadone is a partially agonist (meaning that it is not a full agonist, like morphine, oxycontin, hydrocodone..etc..) All that stuff means is that a full agonist gives you more of a euphoric high.......partial ones arent supposed to give you such a euphoric high......methadone is used in the treatment of heroin/opiate/opiod addiction.........usually it takes about a month of continual use before you become addicted....withdrawls from methadone are horrible lasting up to 7weeks.....basically like withdrawl from heroin......when i was super addicted to pain killers i couldnt sleep unless i took some type of opiate......i was fine using hydrocodone and perocoet......but then the half life of the drug was so short that i would wake up a few hours after taking the dose.......then i would have to take more pills and fall back asleep again......this was costing so much money i had to be high all day.....i would wake up with cramps diarreah, crazy anxiety attacks, moody, and covered in sweat.......i eventually just used methadone as my main source of drug , because i could sleep all night with the methadone because it has such a long life.....i also noticed while on methadone i didnt even think about getting high because it lasted so long and i knew that.....but i realized i couldnt live on methadone all my life i was up to 30mgs daily at least.........methadone blocks all other opiates so if you take methadone and take hydrocodone or oxycontin its not even gonna buzz you.......so i ended up going to see a psyciatrist and he gave me suboxone so i could live normally , suboxone doesnt make you really feel high.....it makes you not think about getting high because it is a partial opiod itself , it is also easier to come off of....suboxone allows me to sleep normally and i do not have withdrawls hardly at all...it also has a drug called naloxone in it that blocks opiates like the methadone.......dont keep taking opiates or think that you can taper down on your own, because you probably wont be able to.
I was on methadone for almost 5 years and personally it became my drug of choice since I don't believe now that I was actually addicted to anything before I got on the methadone program, but it is really easy to get on a methadone program around here because the majority of them are private clinics and you usually have to pay cash so they pretty much let anyone who tests positive for ANY opiate be on the program (if they can pay for it of course) I personally would suffer through this if I were you. The methadone is 8000 times harder to get off of then what you have been taking and it will get better. i detoxed from the methadone cold turkey and it was pure hell for at least a month....the only reason I didn't relapse was because I made sure it was complettely impossible for me to get any drug and all I wanted at that point was the methadone anyhow. Hope this helps!
Hey, I'm eating pretty good now. So far the same thing which I seem to crave. Peanut butter and crackers, my neighbor's soup and pepperoni and cheese. Who knows? I figure, my body is telling me what I want. Small meals every few hours.

Got the camera out today. I wanted to get a shot for my neighbor who made me the soup and make her a nice 8 x 10. None turned out so I'm digging through some oldies. But I was out there wobbling around and shooting.

Now, I'm getting ready to fire up the printer.

I called around and actually found an after care treatment center with individual counseling and groups. I explained I was still too out of it to come in but I definitely plan on making an appointment.

In the meantime, I read yesterday's paper. The headline was "Methadone Manslaughter." It's a story of a woman who went to her best friend's party where there were all kinds of drugs. She brought some methadone. He wanted some so she gave it to him.

They all thought he was passed out. He wasn't. He was dead.

She received a 15 year sentence. The judge said it was so harsh because drugs were involved and since they are the worst they've ever been locally, he wanted to send a strong message that you will go to prison.

So some poor woman who's probably never going to overcome the guilt of killing her best friend will now spend 15 years in prison. She has no prior criminal record. And there was no tox screen done on the victim to even know what he had taken besides the methadone.

They don't get it, do they?

Quote from goddessgrl65:
Ok heres my take..if you can get some methadone i can give you a detox plan-to wean you off the opiates you are on-based on my own methadone home detox-that worked well-(same as they do-in the hospital).
Once you are done-you will be off all opiates-it takes approx-5 days-you will need a total of 100-150 mgs. of methadone-(the more the better)-by the last day you take 10 mgs-and step off.
You won't feel great afterwards-but you won't suffer during-basically-you'll be doing a home detox-so you will have the risidual-lethargy/aches but no spazzing..
Let me know if i can help-it works-its safe-its what they do inpatient at the detox i went to..
Good luck-honey..

Ive had 2 fmaily members use the meth approach,and were sauccesful.But they went in to doctors office and was given by shot ,,to me more controlled,,along with a little emotional help.YOU have t ohave help by friens ect..get a good support team,,
I just wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job! My husband has recently been thru the CT from hydros. Even though I did not physically suffer with him, I witnessed how horrible it was. My husband made it two weeks before a relapse. From his experience, the relapse and trying to quit after that was even worse. He was unable to do it alone. We sought help at a methadone clinic. I can say that this has changed his life. It has been a very supervised treatment. Someone made the comment that you were always linked to the clinic because you had to dose daily. It is an earned privilege to have carry outs so that you don't have to go everyday. This is something that he is striving for is to have enough clean screens to be able to receive one more carry out. But the way we see it, getting up and making the drive early in the morning is worth the effort when it is allowing a time to heal. The methadone has allowed him to be able to see the destruction that addiction has caused. It is no way a cure, but for those who are truly seeking help, and not another high, it can be a huge step in the recovery process. I am so proud that you are seeking a counselor....that has been the biggest help for my dear husband...someone to be there and help him through each step of recovery. Keep stepping Brenda...no one said the steps had to be quick...just steady!