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i was on 5000 mg of hrdros daily...50 10mg of lortab or 40 - 50 prcocetts......it got to a point where i found a guy dealin heroin...it was cheaper for me to get addicted to that crap...opiate addiction is awful disease....us opiates addicts are worse...they say its cunning,baffling, and powerful....it sure is and when i look at your dosage it reminds of me back in 1993 hold of addiction.....im on methadone...60mg daily....i dont go to a clinic...a doc can write you the script...i was on bupenorphine/buprenex for 4 years....maintainance ways of dealin with opiate addiction plus ive got a chronic pain issue in back lumbar 7 region...but for pain if i dont take methadone im w/d sick....its a wicked disease i told ya but we are are all different....weanage?is it possible...yes you can wean down and then off with minimal w/d damage but we are all different...i couldnt wean down worth bits....relapse following week.....we are all different cases....some folks can detox off hydrocodone to suboxone for two weeks,then off opiates all together....some its two months,then off all together....some two years,ect. ect.....you need understanding,support,guidance...get invovled with your disease....you definetly need a/a or n/a......everyday for 90 days...its a must....a meeting a day for 90 days plus moral support/strength...i lost mine.....i stole from my wife...she divorced me....remeber the cunning,baffling,powerful disease we are in grips with....god bless....chef
Thank You All!! for your kind support..I went yesterday with him to the doc (his) and just done a low dose program in case I got in a bad way. I decided today I would go for nothing and I haven't had any all day...I know it's early in it, I have some intestinal issues, almost thought I was gonna puke this morning, but I got to squalling watching a sad music video....( I know??) I was so afraid I'd be sick, but got myself under control. I have had hot flashes and aches and a cough like I have a cold, so I take cold med and advil. When I get cold flashes I get chicken bumps as I call them... but other than that I am doing o.k. Thank God!! I am praying to Him to help me..and I am confidant he will....he's brought me through so much so far. I hadn't looked on here til now..afraid of what responces I may have (that may scare me) I just can't tell a doctor..it will be on my record the rest of my life and maybe it would haunt me or ruin my life..is what I'm afraid of.....someday when my caretaking duties are over I'll have to get a real job and I wouldn't want this to bite me since medicine is the only thing I could imagine me doing (nursing maybe LPN?? at least CNA?) I was gonna start CNA classes but put it off til spring....when I've got this behind me. I will just keep on trucking...and will keep you posted...if I do get bad enough I will go get help...but I have no insurance either..we've got bills out our tails now from fronting his meds for w/c and them not paying us. And no I don't take his meds anymore...he's on methadone now and I have no interest in it. I've never taken meds away from him..just his left overs..and I am ashamed of the money I've wasted too..but I know I'm not alone in that....again thank you all for your support..