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hey how u doing? i have been where ur 2 day iz my 5th day going thru with drawl am logged on under my wife name call me Quinn i feel like crap but my spirit getting strong i was doing 20 hydros a day ( 3 tym relapse i decided 2 go 2 wht thy call a methadone clinic 4 help thy helped n lied . thy replaced my addiction wth another 4 2 years told me at 1st few months thn thy start bringn me off it slowly so i wont have wth draw. 2 yrs gone by n thy still didnt so my wife n i started 2 taper the medication, well gess whgt am paying my dues now ,the wth drawl is horrible but am managing,i gess wght am trying to say iz ither be honest wth ur doc so he can taper ur meds 4 u r chech out a local methadone clinic cheaper n safer 4 now, but dont lt thm bs u about a 3-5 year plan there in it 4 the money ussually cost about a 100.oo bucks a week wil help a lot u will hardly experince any wth draw none whn on it,but b verrrrry careful do ths only 4 about 2-3 months thn demand to start havinv thm bring it down dont let thn bs u about years if u trul loook into it long term it will destroy u lik it alomost did 2 me i had a job makin over 150,ooo a year fired after 5 years just filed bankrubty yesterday,so methodne will help only if u use short tym god bless n good luck cause there isnt hardly any help out there 4 ths addiction unless ur verrrry wealthy r dam good insurance peacez