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I totally understand..i also was also addicted to the same thing -it was an obsession-and i never thought i could stop-i did get 2 yrs. off-i detoxed and went to therapy..it really helped-but i relapsed-and it was the worst relapse yet..
Does your husband use too?
I was on the every three days-(the 3 day threshold)-for a long time-and relapsed-my husband OD'd and was okay..but we knew our time was running down..
My advice to you-is..you sound alot like me..chronic relapser..i chose Suboxone-like methadone but a pill-it totally kills the cravings-you don't get high-and it gives you the perspective to see what life can be like w/o the drugs..SAVED MY LIFE!!!
You have 5 kids that need you-and if you have insurance it will cover the meds-you can search suboxone on google and there is a DR. locator-for drs that prescribe in your area-
This treatment is for people like us-who try and try but can't seem to stop entirely-i haven't touched a drop for almost a year-and i don't miss it..
I hated being a slave to that drug-i hated myself-for being so out of control.
Im now coming down in dosage-and its been fine-supposedly the detox from sub-is similar to a darvocet addiction-tired/achy-but manageable-and after this length of time-w/o the drugs/and depression(the sub takes away the depression associated w/ kicking)-i can see there is life w/o the chaos..
I know where you are coming from-i really think you should check it out-you don't have to go thru all the insanity of kicking w/ sub-you are eased out of your addiction-altho you will ultimately have to come off the sub-many drs will prescribe for 2-5 years- or longer..
Im telling you honestly-i had a really bad habit-for close to 8 yrs-and i don't miss it a bit.Thats huge!
This is your way out!!!!