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The only thing that has worked for me is suboxone. It really works! I was taking 50-60 Lorcet,Lortab or Vicodin per day, purchased off the street at $180 per day. I have been prescribed suboxone for the last three months.
The suboxone completely removes withdrawals and cravings. A side effect is that I am nowhere near as depressed as I used to be. I have real physical reasons to be depressed but I am dealing with my feelings in a more or less sane manner. I understand that there is a stigma in admitting that one is an addict but for me this is the way...at least for now. I am taking 6 mgs of suboxone a day which is way less than some others on this board. I do not believe I could take 18 or 20 mgs. Well..I could but it would be a waste. To put it in perspective I get a new prescription every month and I am only taking the prescribed amount. That would be impossible with anything else that I have tried. Even methadone.
I went without for a day when I was out of town and miscounted my doses to take and while I did start to feel a minor withdrawal syndrome it was NOTHING like the wds from the other opiates.I told my doctor that I believed that this drug really worked for depression and he laughed and said "Only depression in opiate addicts" Even so I would not have problem continuing to use this medication indefinitely. I believe that it should be viewed as insulin is to a diabetic. Of course I am sure every one is affected differently but for me my board ID says it all. Good luck :)